Inspiration: Halloween Nail Art

Halloween is a time to feel free to express yourself. Whether a fan of crazy costumes or not, the addition of celebratory nail art is a subtle, yet creative, way to show Halloween spirit. Fuzzable has compiled a list of five Halloween nail art designs that can be done quickly at home in time for next week’s celebrations.

Fall Colors:

Super elaborate nails are not for everybody, but there are definitely ways to show love for Halloween with a quieter design such as these duel-colored nails. All you need to do is paint your nails with a light beige polish to start. Once this dries, paint the bottom half of your nails with an orange polish. The great part of this design is that there is no need to paint a perfectly straight line between the colors since the final step is to cover the dividing line with a piece of gold nail tape.



One of the most essential nail art materials is the dotting tool, and this design uses it to its full potential. After painting your nails black, dip the largest dotting tool into white paint and place pairs of dots (“eyeballs”) around the nail. Then, take a medium-sized dotting tool and add a colorful dot within each large white dot. Lastly, use a small dotting tool with black paint to add a final dot to middle to each colored dot. Find the full tutorial here.

Candy Corn Ombre:

Ombre is a great technique to use for a more subtle, but unique, kind of nail design. Start by painting your nails white. Paint a stripe of yellow, orange, and white polish onto a makeup sponge and quickly dab it onto your nail to transfer the color. Top coat is super important to this design as it helps to smooth out the texture of the sponged-on polishes. Find the full tutorial here.


For those who are not a huge fan of colorful designs, ghost nails are the perfect Halloween choice. Using just white and black along with a few simple shapes, these nails come together in a snap. Begin by painting your nails bright white. Once this is dry, use a fine paint brush to paint two small triangles as well as a thin black line at the edge of the nail. Then add two eyes and a mouth with a dotting tool. Find the full tutorial here.


Having a steady hand lends itself to this final nail design, but it is nothing to be overly threatened by. In order to create a spiderweb shape, start by painting a burst of three white diagonal lines, all starting at the same corner of your nail. From there, connect the lines using outward-facing semi-circles. The nice part of this design is that there is a lot of freedom in the background color. Black or orange are traditional Halloween colors that work, but nearly every color turns out well with a white design. Find the full tutorial here.


Having a set of festive nails is sure to attract even more attention to your Halloween look. If any of you try out one of these nail designs or come up with your own, tweet us photos of your work @Fuzzable.

Written by Kendra Seguin

Aspiring journalist and Price is Right contestant.

Instagram: @kendraseguin
Nail Art Instagram: @kendranailingit

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