Infuencer 101: Lou Teasdale

Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favorite influencers social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment.

Who is Lou Teasdale?

Lou is hair and make up artist to celebrities. She specializes in male grooming. She also works her twin sister Sam Teasdale and Alex Brownsell at Bleach London, an uber trendy hairdressing business that specializes in all things color.

Lou started her career studying Fashion Design at the London College of Fashion. It was there that she found a passion for hair and makeup and went into the industry assisting Ben Mohapi.

She also released her own book called The Craft .

The Craft is a bible for anyone who loves Hair and Makeup and trying looks themselves at home.

Who has she worked with?

The question is who hasn’t she worked with… Lou has worked with so many huge names including One Direction, Olly Murs and she even mentored Lottie Tomlinson. She is currently Harry Styles personal groomer. She has also created a make up range for Bleach London.


How can I follow Lou?

You can keep up to date with Lou through her various social media channels.






Written by Kelly McFarland

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