Influencer 101: Nina Suess

Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favourite influencers’ social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment.

Today, we are looking at the superstar Nina Suess!

Who is Nina Suess?

Nina is based in London, she has been one of Germany’s go to high-end fashion influencers since she created her website in 2013. Nina has a talent combining investment pieces each day in a new way and creating unconventional and extravagant styles.

Who has she worked with?

She’s worked with many of the big brands, including Gucci, Etro and Cara Mila to name a few. Needless to say, her catalog is impressive with these big names.

Pictured below are some of these collaborations from her Instagram!

How can I follow Nina?

You can visit her website. Or you can follow her on Instagram. Either way, be sure to keep up with Nina Suess as we are sure she has many exciting things happening!

As always, comment below and tweet us @Fuzzable with all of your love and opinions for Nina!

Written by Kelly McFarland

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