Influencer 101: Natalie Lefevre (island_natalie)

Here at Fuzzable we love scrolling through our favourite influencers social media feeds and watching their latest video content. So we’ve decided to give you an up to date guide on some of our faves and some of the biggest influencers around at the moment. This piece focuses on Natalie Lefevre (island_natalie), a luxury travel influencer, travel journalist and environmentalist.

Natalie was kind enough to answer a few questions via email so that we can really get to know her.

Who are you and how did you become an influencer?
My name is Natalie Lefevre, I was born in the Seychelles islands and I’m half German.
I’ve been a traveller ever since I was a little girl since we had to leave our country due to political unrest.
I worked for a media news channel in marketing, partnerships and press, while creating the strategy for the luxury site, I was also given the task to create the luxury travel profile which made me realize I need to be strong on Instagram. That’s what motivated me to learn more about content creation, how to write captions and what can go viral.
Being immersed in Instagram helped me to compete with my peers and collaborate with like-minded to grow and create the right travel content as an influencer and my brand evolved out of this. 

Do you remember the first brand/campaign you ever worked on?
The first luxury resort was the hideaway beach club in Maldives where I organized some celebrity friends, fashion and travel influencers with big profiles, including my Italian friend with 5 million followers.
I’m very cautious on monetizing my Instagram profile since every ad or collaboration has to match with synergies and represents both brands. 

What has been the most memorable campaign or brand you have worked with/on?
I have one coming up for Japan tourism and a hotel in Tokyo, which I’m pretty excited about since they’re flying me all the way, including hotels, and payment. I’ve never been and It’s always more fun to discover a new place and country with adventures to attach to it.

Also, I’m invited to Madagascar on the same basis and get to bring a cool group of friends along with me which makes it more fun.

Funny enough, one other memorable campaign was the return visit to the hideaway beach in Maldives where Lilly Becker joined me and due to her celebrity status we had tons of classic press and TV exposure in UK, Germany, Switzerland and USA that provided extra marketing and was not limited to our social media profiles and channels only.

What have you got coming up?
I’m focused on speaker events and helping luxury resorts with their marketing campaigns on a corporate level.

As for my travel profile brand, I’m focused on the quality of content and working with a select group of luxury brands only, preferably those who are dedicated to plastic-free and sustainability as a theme since the environment and saving the ocean is really important to me right now.

I’d like to use my audience and the power of my message to help save the animals, protect the wildlife, keep our oceans clean and spread the word to the younger generation or those who are not aware of global issues. 

Where can people follow you?
My Instagram is Island_natalie 

Natalie will be at Borderlesslive on 7 September, she will be speaking about The changing landscape of marketing.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

Likes to post in monochrome on Instagram.
Twitter: @kellymcf6
Instagram: @kellymcf6

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