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Influencer 101: Dan and Phil

Here at Fuzzable we love to scroll through our social media to discover, new trends, challenges and creators. YouTube has brought us so many wonderful people, those who create makeup tutorials, short films and comedy sketches. Today at Fuzz we are going to highlight one of the most popular and influential YouTube duos around, it’s only the one and only British internet sensations, Daniel Howell and Phil Lester A.K.A Dan and Phil.

Who are Dan & Phil?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, Dan and Phil are two YouTubers, although they are the best of friends and have met through the video making platform, their personalities couldn’t be more different, and that’s what their dedicated “Phandom” love them for! Their video format and style brings joy to everyone!

Dan is a unique individual, he uses a lot of self-deprecating jokes and likes to make fun of himself, a lot of people consider the humour to be quite dark, but quite honestly it’s really hilarious. Dan uses this humor also to help people, an example of this is his “Internet Support Group”. Okay so the advice he gives his followers isn’t very helpful: but it’s fun and entertaining and the fans love that, and so do we! Don’t take Dan’s humour and dark personality too seriously though, he is actually a very sweet and very down to earth person, he recently made a video describing his battle with depression, he uses the same humor that he uses in his normal videos but uses a lot of it to actually show the viewer what it is like to live with depression and how to treat it, because of this video Daniel has become a mental health ambassador for “Young Minds” a mental health charity for young people in the U.K. From all of us here at Fuzzable, congrats Dan!

Phil is also very unique, but compared to Dan, he actually seems so innocent, he uses very light and positive humor for his videos, he is always smiling and always seems to have a positive outlook on life, unlike Dan’s dark clothing and doom and gloom personality, Phil wears a lot of bright, vibrant colours. He swears that his channel is PG rated but there is nothing that shocks and makes fans laugh harder is when he drops a cheeky “F bomb” on either Dan’s channel or their gaming channel “danandphilGAMES” so in a short description if you love, happiness, pure innocence, dead houseplants and cereal stealing, “AmazingPhil” is the channel you need to visit! One of our favorite videos of Phil’s is “6 things I regret buying” we don’t know what the fascination is about buying weird things online, but we must admit we’ve ALL done it right? There is nothing more exciting than buying something totally random just for the sake of it, you know it’ll be a total waste of money but hey at least it’s something memorable! In Phil’s case, he has bought very, very odd things, from a pair of grass flip flops to a stress mushroom. We are still scratching our heads to why he would need a stress mushroom…

Who Have They Worked With?

We already know that Dan is officially an ambassador for the charity “Young Minds” but he and Phil have done work for such amazing charities, they are well known for spending time with those from “Make a Wish UK” They also sold Manchester t-shirts for the British Red Cross in the height of the Manchester Terror attack and raised £24,594! Finally, they have released a charity single for “Stand Up to Cancer” the song is called “The Internet is Here” which peaked to number 8 in the global charts and number 3 in the U.K. charts.

Favourite Collab Videos

As much as we love their channels separately, there is nothing better than when these two best friends with hilarious chemistry come together to make some amazing content.

Dan and Phil Play The Sims

This entire serious is what fans have been wanting for ages! Watching two extremely out there people trying to take care and not inevitably kill their sim. The creation of “Dil Howlter” was brought to us in 2014 and his journey from inspiring mixologist to crazed scientist has truly had fans hooked from the first day!

Dan & Phil Bakes…

Another series that we didn’t know we needed. Dan and Phil continuously joke on their channel about their inability to cook, but alas, in 2011, their first baking video was born. They have made some pretty questionable bakes from a brownie graveyard to some lemon pastel meringues which were savagely roasted by Gordon Ramsay!


Come on, how could we not include the iconic PINOF series, this is where Dan and Phil began their collabs and make a simple Q&A truly fun and memorable, we watch our two British geniuses, draw cat whiskers on their faces and just have a good time, nothing makes the fans happier than seeing these two best friends having the most fun. This amazing series started in 2009 and has continued annually for 9 years! Hats off to these lads!

Dan and Phil have made fans laugh, cry and cringe throughout their whole YouTube career. They have found so much success and are going on their second world tour “Interactive Introverts” they have started their first few dates but there is still time to catch these amazing guys live! The link for tickets is bellow!


How Can You Follow Them?

Below are all the links for the boys so you can follow:



Twitter @danielhowell




Twitter: @AmazingPhil



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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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