Imogenation teams up with Revolution to release the palettes of our dreams

It’s no secret that Imogen Hudson, aka Imogenation, is one of our favourite creators out there. She is relatable, down to earth, and is just the ultimate hun.

Since launching her YouTube channel last year, we’ve watched Imogen go from strength to strength, with her following growing by the day. Now, she has achieved one of her biggest dreams to date and we couldn’t be prouder.

Imogen has teamed up with cosmetics brand Revolution to create two of her very own makeup palettes. The eyeshadow and contour/highlight/bronzing palettes were launched today and it’s safe to say that we’re 100% in love.

The eyeshadow palette is made up of 20 handpicked versatile shades, combining the neutral with the matte and metallic. From Huns to 2nice, Forever Friend to Lovin Life, each shade has been specially named, reflecting Imogen to a tee.

According to Revolution, the shade names and descriptions are as follows:

Angel – icy white, metallic finish
Honeybee – Apricot orange, matte finish
Mills – Mango orange, matte finish
You Know – coral, matte finish
Butterfly – baby blue with a white shift, metallic finish
Shoppy – medium nude, matte finish
Imagine – syrup brown, matte finish
Get To Know – Sienna brown, matte finish
2nice – Tortilla nude brown, matte finish
Lovin Life – peach nude, matte finish
Okkkkk – brown oak, matte finish
Sorry not sorry – warm brown, matte finish
Forever Friend – pink with a white shift, metallic finish
Babygirl – peach with a white shift, metallic finish
Pinky Promise – dessert taupe, matte finish
Trying it – maroon brown, satin finish
Huns – gold, metallic finish
Raise n praise – copper, metallic finish
Berry Blast – burgundy, matte finish
Limo – nearly black, satin finish

credit: Revolution

As for the Imogenation Highlight To The Moon palette, Imogen has created a one stop shop for all of your contouring and highlighting needs. The palette contains six contouring, bronzing and setting shades, plus four highlighter shades.

Shade names include the equally Imogen-inspired Pretty Heart, My Gyal, Cayooott, Literally, Warrior, Can’t Deal, Limited Edition, Slay My Life and Angel Face.

credit: Revolution

Imogen’s palettes are available to buy now from Revolution, and are an absolute steal at just £10 each. Be quick huns, before they sell out!

Find out more about Imogen and Revolution’s exciting new collaboration in the videos below.

We can’t wait to get our hands on the Revolution X Imogen Imogenation palettes! Share your excitement with us on Twitter @Fuzzable

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