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Imogenation adds lip kits to her Hunny Cosmetics collection

Imogenation, aka Imogen Horton, has just dropped three new lip kits as part of her Hunny Cosmetics range.

Back in December last year, Imogen unveiled her collection with a series of false eyelashes, and ever since then we’ve been patiently waiting for more from our favourite internet hun.

Now, the wait is finally over with Imogen releasing three gorgeous lip kits called Baby Gal, Hun Bun, and Pinky Promise.

Each lip kit includes a soft, rich and creamy lipstick as well as a lip liner. Both offer a no shine matte finish and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Baby Galperfectly pink nude lipstick and a brown beige liner with notes of coral.

Hun Bunbrown nude with hints of toffee orange.

Pinky Promisepeachy pink nude with hints of cinnamon tones.

Each lip kit comes in a gorgeous box, and we particularly love the detailing on one side which Imogen dedicated to her fans!

You can purchase the lip kits here for £12.50 each. You can also check out Imogen’s announcement video below where she talks in detail about the lip kits and shares swatches of both the lipstick and liner.

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