Imani Williams Samples The 411 On New Track “Dumb” Featuring Tiggs Da Author & Belly Squad

Who remembers The 411? They were a British four-piece girl group in the early 00’s and they had a range of hit singles and released just one album. Their biggest hit was titled “Dumb” which managed to peak on the UK Charts at number three. Well, Imani Williams remembers, and has decided to sample this awesome anthem in her brand new track of the same name, “Dumb”. The new track also features Tiggs Da Author & Belly Squad.

The track is beyond catchy, and the original was one of my all-time classic songs. I was hoping that The 411 would reform at some point, and although they did in 2007, they didn’t quite manage to garner attention. They consisted of Carolyn Owlett, Tanya Boniface, Tisha Martin, and Suzie Furlonger; they became popular due to Tisha Martin’s popular acting role in the children’s TV show Kerching and The Basil Brush Show. The original song is about considering to cheat, but deciding that they don’t want to ruin their relationship with the guy they have at home.

Watch The 411’s Music Video To “Dumb” Here:

Now Imani Williams’ new version switches the song’s lyrics and makes the boy she is dating into the player, the cheater. It’s a clever switch and one I fully condone and love. The original is totally a 00’s classic that a lot of people had forgotten about, but now Imani Williams has struck gold by reinventing the song.

The song is just waiting for DJs to remix as it is a total club-filler and reminds me of Raye’s “Decline” which features Mr Eazi – which clubs adored playing. It brings nostalgia to all the 00’s kids – which includes me and introduces the song to people who may not have heard it in the first place.

Imani Williams completely impresses from the get-go with her vocals, they’re so on-point. The style of “Dumb” is a new direction for her, straying away from flat-out club music and incorporating 00’s R&B into her sound – which totally works. Tiggs Da Author and Belly Squad twists the whole song up adding rap and afrobeat to the mix and fully making this track beyond addicting. I’m totally excited for remixes of this track because three and a half minutes just isn’t long enough!

Watch Imani Williams’ Music Video To “Dumb” Featuring Tiggs Da Author & Belly Squad Here:

The music video opens with Imani Williams talking to the guy she’s dating on the phone, but she discovers he’s with another girl and he ends the call. She meets up with her girls and they go to see Tiggs Da Author before getting ready to hit the club where Belly Squad is at. The ending sees her guy come up to her, but she dismisses him, while her girls back her up.

Throughout the video, she smashes out dance choreography totally nailing every single step. She sure knows how to dance and fully brings it – she has stage presence like no other, a total rising star!

Stream Imani Williams’ Song “Dumb” Featuring Tiggs Da Author & Belly Squad Here:

In addition to the single release and the music video release, Imani Williams teamed up with mysnapp. This is a website that lists items within a music video and lets you know how much they cost and where you can get them from. Her team-up allowed her to release her own collection of sunglasses which are available in four colours, all of which appear in the music video.

There’s a tonne of amazing clothes in this visual, that Imani Williams, her girls, and Belly Squad totally work throughout. We simply adore the sunglasses which come in pink, yellow, purple, and blue. Then there’s the House of CB oversized shirt dress, the Dairyshop crystal drop necklace, the Longshaw Ward net parka, the Dyspnea chingy bling blouse which comes with the Dyspnea chingy bling pant, and the Dsquared2 be cool be nice t-shirt. There’s a whole host of other clothing that is available to buy on the site and you could so pull-off Imani Williams’ style from this video.

What do you make of Imani Williams’ “Dumb” featuring Tiggs Da Author and Belly Squad? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable, and also tell us which item of clothing you really want from the video.


Written by Jonathan Currinn

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