If You Like This Anime, Try This Book!

Books and anime bring happiness to a lot of us at Fuzzable and we love to share our recommendations with you. This time, we decided to bring you the best of both worlds with “if you like this then you might like this”. So, let’s begin with “if you like this anime you might like this book or series“!

Anime #1 – Death Note

So, first, we thought we’d start with a classic! Death Note. If you watch anime, there is a very, very good chance you’ve watched or at least heard of Death Note. The story follows seventeen-year-old Light who finds a Death Note, a notebook in which you can write down a person’s name and how they’re going to die to kill them off almost instantly, and he kind of goes mad on the power. We follow him and our other main character L as Light tries to hide who he really is.

If you like Death Note, we recommend Seven Deadly Shadows by Courtney Alameda! “Seven Deadly Shadows” follows our main character, seventeen-year-old Kira, who is bullied by the popular girls at high school. She has a secret – she can see Shinigami. When a demon king threatens to destroy Japan, Kira is sent, along with her guardian, a Kitsune, to find seven Shinigami to help her save the country. Now, if you are a Death Note fan, you can probably tell why this was such an easy recommendation for us but it truly is a great read if you love the anime. With backdrop and vibes similar to Death Note, you will be able to identify a lot of commonalities between the book and the anime!

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You can check out Seven Deadly Shadows on Goodreads or Amazon!

Also, side note, there’s a Death Note musical, you’re welcome.

Anime #2 – Erased

The second anime we want to talk about is another classic – Erased! If you didn’t know, Erased follows our main character Satoru who somehow possesses an ability called “revival” that gives him the ability to travel back in time. When his mother is murdered in cold blood, Satoru is sent back eighteen years in the past to elementary school so he can not only save his mother but also stop a kidnapping incident that happened to two of his classmates and a girl from a nearby school.

If you liked Erased, we think you’d also really like Truly Devious by Maureen Johnson! “Truly Devious” follows two timelines – we have the present timeline which features our main character Stevie who is attending this really special school where the school gives you all of the funding and equipment you need to study literally anything you want to. Stevie is there to study crime as there were murders and kidnappings committed at the school in the past that were never solved and Stevie wants to solve them. However, events similar to the past seem to be happening at the school as Stevie is studying. As they happen, we follow the timeline of the original events and watch them unfold. Truly Devious is truly a spectacular novel that you will not want to put down, similar to Erased, where once you start watching you don’t want to stop!

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You can check out Truly Devious on Goodreads and Amazon!

Anime #3 – My Hero Academia

The next anime on our list is My Hero Academia which is very popular amongst anime lovers! In My Hero Academia, we follow a futuristic Japan where 80% of the population are born with “quirks” or superpowers. We follow our main character Izuku Midoriya, who wants to go to the prestigious UA high school and be the number one hero, the only issue is that he doesn’t actually have a quirk. But when he meets the current number one hero, All Might, things change for him.

If you are a fan of My Hero Academia, we recommend you read Renegades by Marissa Meyer! In “Renegades”, we witness a world inhabiting people with powers. These people are considered weird and are disliked by others leading to a rise of ‘anarchy’ but things begin to change when a superhero group called Renegades comes to the fore.

In the book, we follow our two main characters. One named Adrian, who is the son of the two Renegades in charge but has a secret identity that he hasn’t told anyone about yet, and then we have Nova who is an anarchist and goes undercover as a Renegade to take them down from within. Even if the power side of My Hero Academia might not be your favourite, Renegades is also a very character-driven series that also focuses on how the world has adapted to these powers and we believe that you’ll find it just as fascinating and enjoyable!

You can check out Renegades on Goodreads and Amazon!

Anime #4 – Haikyuu!

Next up we have Haikyuu! In this sports anime, we follow our main character Hinata Shouyo who sees a volleyball game on TV just before he starts junior high and becomes obsessed with the sport. Then, in his first and last game of junior high, he loses to a “power school” who has a very intense setter named Kageyama Tobio. Hinata then promises to defeat him next time they meet, however, when Hinata gets to high school, Kageyama is there too.

If you love Haikyuu! We recommend reading Running With Lions by Julian Winters. In “Running With Lions”, we follow our main character Sebastian who is his school’s star goalie and he is going into his senior year of high school. But when he gets to summer training camp, his estranged best friend, Emir shows up who actually now hates him. So Sebastian now has to try and fix his friendship with Emir to bring the team together. Running With Lions and Haikyuu are both such wonderful, heart-warming stories that focus on these important friendships in teams and just people coming together. Both of them will warm your heart and make you feel good inside!

You can check out Running With Lions on Goodreads and Amazon!

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