Whether you are dairy free by choice or by health, there is no denying that your snacking options are extremely restricted. Vegan friendly, plant based products are becoming more and more readily available within supermarkets, however if you are after a sleepover snack or a date night treat the variety of options is pretty minimal.

Well ladies and gentlemen, one brand is determined to change that!

The popular dairy free brand ‘Oatly’ is rapidly becoming a popular household name, providing an alternative dairy substitute for both Vegans and those with allergies. Now they are set to take the shelves by storm as they revolutionise the snacking world, that’s right . . . Oatly are releasing their own range of dairy free Ice Cream! We are so excited here at Fuzz!

Their brand new Ice Cream tubs follow the same packaging shape and appearance as that of Ben & Jerry’s, however they feature striking block colours and the classic bold ‘Oatly’ brand name. Available in three flavours (Chocolate Fudge, Hazelnut Swirl & Salted Caramel), the plant based giants are offering something to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

Let us delve deeper into what this mouthwatering innovation has to offer;

Complete with real fudge bites (made using Oatly of course), the chocolate fudge flavour is perfect for any movie night snackathon! This one is definitely top of our shopping list.

Oatly have proudly promised that ‘No Ice Cream is better than’ their Hazelnut Swirl, we don’ know about you but we cannot wait to put that theory to the test! Made from a combination of Caramel Ice Cream, Salty Caramel Sauce and Candied Hazelnuts, this flavour is perfect to satisfy that any ice cream fanatic.

The final contender in this terrific trio is the family favourite and ultimate classic . . . Salted Caramel! This dreamy choice combines melt in the mouth with intense creaminess, to create the most perfect movie night snack. With its perfectly balanced sweet flavours, this one is set to become one of our favorites.

Which flavour is are you most excited to try?For more content like this head on over to @Fuzzable on Twitter.

Written by Amy Carr

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