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New Music Alert: “FK BOI” by Hyde Project

Hyde Project is a London based EDM-rock band that also specialises in pop. The amazing duo consists of Sam Hyde on vocals, guitar and synths, and Peter Doyle on drums and triggers. Both of these extremely talented lads also do the programming for these tracks! This group has some pretty awesome tunes including incredible covers of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman and “Safe Inside” by James Arthur. These are covers, yes, but the group has started to work on some pretty awesome and fresh material and we at Fuzzable are particularly liking their new single, “FK BOI.”

“FK BOI” is a song about, well, you guessed it! The singer tells us a story about his love and how he doesn’t want her to end up with what most people call a “FK BOI.” This is when someone doesn’t treat their partner or significant other in a good way like they deserve. The song and lyrics are actually quite beautiful and meaningful, but at the same time it isn’t a normal, boring love ballad. With the EDM-rock flair and sound, this song and video are very fun, catchy, and, well, amazing!

We hope to see more music from these lads in the future. With a new tour and merchandise on sale at the moment, we are sure Hyde Project will get new fans and a large following very quickly.

For more information on Hyde Project please follow their social media handles:

Facebook- @hydeprojectmusic

Twitter- @hydeprojectband

Instagram- @hydeprojectband

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Written by Kay Simpson

I love to write, sing, act, binge watch YouTube Videos. I am a MASSIVE gamerI’m just your average 21 year old who wants to write and have fun

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