Introducing Huddle: The App Changing The Way We Talk About Mental Health

According to the National Institutes of Health, 44 million American adults struggled with mental illnesses last year, with 60% not seeking treatment. Unfortunately, there is a negative stigma often associated with having a mental illness and that is why some people are afraid to talk about it. Huddle app co-founders Dan Blackman and Tyler Faux want to change the conversation around mental health by making resources more accessible and affordable to those who need it.

What is Huddle?

Huddle is a video-based app that offers peer-to-peer advice and on-demand support for depression, addiction, stress, self-image and anxiety. The app just launched to iOS users worldwide in English.

As a free alternative to therapy, Huddle allows users to receive immediate support through videos and direct messages. To protect identity and safety, the app also allows users to control pixelation on their videos posts when using the front-facing camera.

Some key features of the app include:

  • Join and Create Private and Public Support Groups
    • Private: A place where small groups can stay connected and start conversations.
    • Public: A place where anyone can join and meet new people and ask questions.

Users can also create and join specific groups including stress and anxiety, body positivity, high school problems, addiction, depression, and issues regarding the LGBTQ+ community. These groups allow users to relate to other people dealing with similar issues.

  • Control Over How You Tell Your Story
    • Pixelation: When creating videos, users can slide their finger vertically on the screen to adjust the pixelation. This creates anonymity. Users also have the option to post in clear videos as well.
    • Join the Conversation: Communicate with peers in discussions directly above video posts, or direct message to talk privately with users
    • Usernames: Huddle creates an anonymous name or users can choose their own.


  • A Safe Space: Robust security features, community guidelines, professional resources
    • Secure logins through the user’s Facebook or phone number keep bullies and trolls out.
    • Moderation and flagging tools (e.g. report button) built in to easily report inappropriate users or troubling content.
    • Community guidelines prohibit groups that encourage self-harm or condone disparagement.
    • Access to various links and resources to augment the community discussion, and crisis lines and emergency response for those who need clinical or medical help immediately.

Huddle’s mission is to create a safe community for its users. There is a zero-tolerance policy on negative or destructive behavior. Users who exhibit these actions will be removed from the platform.

Where can I download Huddle?

Huddle is currently available for iOS users. Open the App Store, and search “Huddle.” Click on the logo (as seen on the right), press download, and receive instant support by peers today. To learn more information, visit the Huddle site.

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