Huda Beauty Unveils Dramatic Collaboration With Lottie Tomlinson

Makeup and beauty giant Huda Beauty has recently revealed their latest luxurious collaboration with the makeup artist and social media influencer Lottie Tomlinson for their newest product; a new range of a lustrous set of false silk eyelashes which will be a part of the new Huda Beauty LUXE lash category.

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20-year-old Lottie Tomlinson is the younger sister of global megastar Louis Tomlinson and shares a history of loving and appreciating Huda Kattan and Huda Beauty products. Not only Lottie is a die-hard Huda lover, but she also has an addiction for gorgeous eyelashes. After her previous clothing collaboration with In The Style, Lottie Tomlinson has recently teamed up with Huda Beauty to create a line of false eyelashes. It is the third line of lashes created by Huda Kattan’s beauty brand.

These breathtakingly gorgeous silk eyelashes with a sultry flair give a “stunning and dramatic” look to the eyes, according to the Huda Beauty team, “which deliver 3D volume and ultra-fine fibres, with a natural finish and flexible band that’s perfect for beginners and will have you ready for every selfie opportunity.” Well, this sounds like quite a tempting promise that we surely are keeping our eyes on!!

Huda Beauty x Lottie silk lashes are launched on July 30, 2019.
(Image Courtesy Huda Beauty)

Bound to a cotton band, the Lottie #19 Lash is made from Korean silk and features a glossy sheen. The pair came up with the Lottie #19 Lash, a dramatic silk lash that is a part of the Huda Beauty LUXE Lash collection and the latest product in Kattan’s ever-expanding lineup of makeup and beauty goodies.

Well, we can see Lottie Tomlinson’s excitement about this collaboration by her overwhelming tribute that she penned down on her Instagram to Huda Beauty. She wrote, “Dreams do come true … Thank you so much Huda Beauty for collaborating with me I still can’t believe it. One of the biggest moments in my career.”

Lottie Tomlinson gushed about Kattan’s beauty line showing off her #girlcrush. According to a released statement, Lottie stated,

“I’ve always been obsessed with lashes ever since I started wearing makeup. I always wanted the biggest, fullest lashes and always experimented with different styles. Huda Beauty lashes were always my favorites so when I got asked to do this collaboration, I was so excited! Huda is one of my biggest inspirations”.

Image Courtesy: Huda Beauty x Lottie Tomlinson

Further, she added, “When I designed the lash I based it around the style of lash I love and wear all the time. I wanted something quite long and very fluffy. I also wanted them to sit comfortably on the eye and I think we’ve definitely achieved that.”

“When Huda called me, I was so excited. I actually had a celebratory cocktail the day I got the message, it really was a dream come true. I actually questioned, was it a mistake, surely, she didn’t want me?! I couldn’t believe it. It’s still surreal now that she wants to work with me.” – Lottie about how the collaboration came up according to a released statement.

According to Huda, Lottie was the perfect partner because of her love of lashes, in a released statement,

“Lottie is a lash queen! If you know her, you know that. The mutual love she has for dramatic lashes made her the perfect partner in our series of lash collaborations! We worked with Lottie to create our first LUXE silk lash which is super soft, super dramatic and super glam. These lashes are so beautiful and so Lottie!”

Huda Kattan launched Huda Beauty back in 2013 when it wasn’t the big million brand it is today. It all started with Huda’s love of lashes where each design in her collection has originally been inspired by influential women and are exclusively handmade by Huda herself. She’s since returned to creating lashes and has collaborated with celebrities like Jacqueline Fernandez, Olivia Culpo and now Lottie Tomlinson.

The Huda Beauty Lottie #19 Lash launched on July 30 and costs Dh105. They are available to shop at and

We are absolutely in love with these new bombshell eyelashes. What do you think of this latest collaboration Huda Beauty x Lottie Tomlinson? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @fuzzable

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