How Tom Felton Makes Me Smile…

In the year 1997, I watched a film called ‘The Borrowers’. I was 6 or 7 years old back then and I remember having an obsession over the character Peagreen in the film. Peagreen was played by Tom Felton. I just loved him. Even with that really bad, curly red hair, I just fell completely in love with him. I remember Mum saying that the was my boyfriend, haha.

In 2001, I remember my mum coming into my room, telling me that my favourite book, Harry Potter, was being turned into a film. I was ecstatic. She then told me that Tom Felton was going to be in it, playing my favourite character from the books – Draco Malfoy. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and I’d never felt so excited in my whole life. It was like all of my favourite things were being tied in together and I felt so happy.

So fast forward to today, I’ve been a Tom Felton fan for over 20 years now. He just brings so much light into my life. He has so much fun in his life and he explores the whole world. He’s kind and selfless. His music is incredible and so under appreciated. I’ve watched every single film and series that he’s made an appearance in.

I finally had the amazing opportunity to meet him this year back in July at London Film and Comic Con. It was an emotional and an overwhelming moment. I’d waited 20 years! I made sure to make the most of this moment, because it may have never happened again. So I brought myself 2 photo ops, plus a Diamond Pass, and then one of my best friends brought me ANOTHER photo op, so I ended up having 3 pictures taken with him, as well as having an autograph from him. I do remember worrying before I’d met him. Worrying that this 20 year long dream, should maybe remain a dream. As the saying goes, you should never meet your heroes for they might disappoint you.

I had my first photo with him on Saturday, (that was the one my friend had brought me, as she was there that day and didn’t want me to meet him alone for the first time). She was my strength through that moment. He was a complete sweetheart, though it was a bit of a blur due to him being super packed, and the queue moving fast. But it didn’t matter. He was all I could’ve hoped for.

The next day which was Sunday, I had the autograph with him before the rest of the photos. I was really nervous, because I was on my own. I had nobody to bounce off, or hide my anxiety with. I remember that Tom was a bit late to his autograph session and my tummy was in knots. And then, there he was. My tummy leapt, and I remember the member of staff in his queue giving me a reassuring pat on the back, as I’d told her what this meant to me. It was about five minutes before I reached the signing table. Tom’s mum was actually his entourage that day and she took my ticket from me. A pair of gorgeous blue eyes looked up at me filled with warmth and I somewhat relaxed a little. I’d brought the photo I’d had taken with him the day before to be signed. I didn’t actually like myself in it. It had rained the Saturday morning so, my hair was a mess. But I handed it over. I said to Tom that I’d supported him for 20 years and that I admired all of his work. I told him that his music deserved to be heard. And then I gave him his present. It was a small wooden plaque with a Chocolate Lab on it, as Tom has one called Willow. He loved it and told me how Willow always eats his shoes. We spoke for a good five minutes before I let the next person have their turn. I wasn’t made to feel rushed, and Tom was very interested in everything I had to say. It was amazing. I cried after walking away because it all hit me.

Later that afternoon, I had my other 3 ops with Tom. I was next in line to have them done when he looked up and must’ve clocked me from the signing that morning. He pointed, smiled, and then sang “I wana hold your hand” by The Beatles at me. I handed him my replica Draco wand, and held on to my own wand. I was so nervous, that I told him to decide our 3 poses, and he did. We had a really good laugh and I’ll never forget how much fun it was. He thanked me, gave me a quick hug and it was done. In reality it was very quick, but it is a memory I’ll never forget. I’ll treasure it forever.

Before I left, Tom did a Q&A session on the stage. It was a lot of fun, hearing stories about working with the legend that is Alan Rickman and other fun facts about his time as an actor. And then, he performed 4 of his songs live and it was truly incredible. I felt like the luckiest girl in the world that weekend. So many of my dreams had come true. I felt so very blessed and I still pinch myself now, not believing it ever really happened!!

To others, Tom is just another actor. Another celebrity. But to me, he gives me guidance. He gives me comfort and reassurance. He makes me want to get up every day and live life to the fullest. I can’t thank him enough for being the best idol I could ever ask for.

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Written by Tillie Moore

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