How to Wear Trendy Tunise Sneakers Stylishly in Summer/Fall 2018

The current and hottest fashion trend in the year 2018 is to mix and match and achieve a look that is completely stylish and chic. The latest top most influential fashion weeks of the worlds have approved the bold idea of wearing and teaming coolest new styles of sneakers such as Tunise sneakers with the street style and semi-formal outfits. That means you can own the type of sneakers that you can wear even out of the gym to the streets or for a fun day out. Here we share the top most amazing tips to style your fabulous Tunise sneakers.

How to Wear Sneakers with Straight Pants or Jeans?

Nothing can look more of a chic than a pair of sneakers with your trendiest jeans. If you own Tunise sneakers you can flatter them as a statement piece by cuffing your pant’s bottom. Let the pants bottom edge fall right above the ankles and make them highlight the ankle bone give a gorgeous look. The Tunise sneakers elongate your legs and make you look taller and stunning. The Tunise Sneakers available at Basso are flattering and breathable and they add super-cute pop of color to your dark Denim or blue jeans.

Should we Wear Socks with Sneakers?

A big NO for a fashionista! Don’t wear socks with your flattering pair of Tunise sneakers, either in warm or cold weather as they don’t just get along well in a fashion scene. It can appear to be hard but you can try some low-rider socks that don’t show and ruin your style statement and keep you super-comfy too.

Can we Pair Tunise Sneakers with Semi Formal Attires?

If the office schedule is relaxing or there’s a semi formal occasion, you can take out your statement making Tunise sneakers and experiment with the various outfit ideas from the retro vibes to the modern styles. Team them up with a classic print of black and white or leopard printed dress or a sexy black miniskirt with white button-down shirt.

How to Wear Tunise Sneakers with Skirt or Dress?

It sounds as tricky as it is! Skirts or dress paired up with sneakers may seem like an odd team. But you can mark a stunning style statement by being more careful in your fashion approach. Make sure that the skirt falls just above your knees and is in complementary color to your sneakers. Being on safe side! It’s ideal to team up denim mini dresses or skirts with tunis sneakers or mark the hottest chic look.

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