How to transform your home

Everyone could use a change now and then. If you need to make a change in your life, start with your living quarters. You could either make subtle changes or change the look of your home completely. Making a change is exciting, and you should definitely do it once in a while. You are a new person every year, so why shouldn’t your home be? Not only is redecorating exciting but also the prospect of coming home to a new and personalized space every day!

  1. Change bedclothes

If you’re looking for a place to start, why not your bed? After you come back from work, what’s better than kicking your shoes off and relaxing for a bit? Change the bedclothes and the sheets. Buy new ones. Match the colors to your mood. If you’re looking for a somber setting, go for pastels but if you’re in the mood to go wild, you could choose wild colors. Customize your bed with lots of cushions and pillows if you’re looking for extra comfort.

2.  Update furniture

This is slightly more costly but so rewarding that you wouldn’t mind. You could change the look of your house by rearranging the furniture and investing in an additional piece. Are you a party animal? Or do you prefer to lounge on your couch after work with a pack of chips and beer? Fred Thompson from S W James explains that a deeper, chunkier Chesterfield couch is better for mixing with friends. You’re all set for the lifestyle that you always wanted! We recommend that you get a big piece of furniture and style the rest of the room according to that. It not only creates space but also makes it easier to decorate!

3.    Redecorate

Redecorate! For some of you it will spike an adrenaline rush and for others, it’ll send chills down your spine. Whatever it is, redecorating your home is a good idea to create better energy around the house. Newer energy will inspire you to be better and make you happier too! Experiment with colors and styles that suit you. Window shop and see what’s in vogue currently. You’ll thank yourself later when you feel that the colors are in synchronization with your energy. This is a lesser known fact that your living space influences your mood and energy. Living with happy colors will make you happy, no matter what your mood is, do up your home the way you like it. Remember that you don’t have to do this all at once, take your time to find the right combination.

4.    Plants

Small plants around the house will not only give you a hobby, but they are also good for the atmosphere in the house. Small potted plants may feel like a mess initially, but their effects far outweigh the cons. They purify the air in the house and mites along with it. If you’re prone to allergies, having a few plants around the house can help. You’ll feel the difference when you have small potted plants around the house. If you don’t have much time to take care of these plants, you can always get ones that don’t need much moving around. Some indoor plants work well under artificial light and you needn’t move them to sunny spots now and then. Some don’t even need to be watered every day. They give your home a very homely ambiance to boot!

5.   Repaint the walls

If you redecorating, you can even consider repainting your walls. It doesn’t take much. It’ll just take one weekend and the paint will last for years. Change the color according to your mood, or you could have multicolored walls. If you want to go with the latest trends, you can check what’s in vogue. Though we recommend that you do what suits you. Some people like dual colored walls because it goes well with the rest of the furniture in the room. And some like to color their walls according to their mood. In 2019, textured walls are in. Don’t forget that you can always choose your own style.

6.   Lighting

This is perhaps the most important aspect of redecoration. No matter how you choose your décor, if the lighting doesn’t match the décor could look off. Either you can choose to redecorate your room according to the lighting or change the lighting to match your décor. Natural light is best because everything looks nice in it. However, if you don’t get much natural lighting, then experiment with trendy lampshades and lights.

Redecorating your house is a very personal experience and even if you’re dreading it, you’ll start enjoying it once you get into it! 

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