How To Tackle Bed Bugs In Your Home

Did you know that bed bugs are not just found in mattresses, but also in stuffed animals, chair pads, stuffed toys, and wallets? Even though these bugs might seem harmless unlike their deadly blood-sucking counterparts, mosquitoes, they still are a big nuisance.

According to recent reports, bed bugs are linked to high histamine levels. Histamine is a substance which causes inflammation, problems with blood pressure, contraction of smooth muscle tissues, and many other potentially dangerous medical conditions. The best thing you can do for yourself is proof your home from these notorious little pests to stay healthy. Use the following guide to get rid of bed bugs from your home.

Identity Signs Of Bed Bugs

It is important to know the signs of bed bugs before trying to proof your home. Bed bugs leave tiny, reddish marks on your body (especially exposed areas), unpleasant odors from wet towels, and bite marks on furniture. Once you are assured that there is some kind of pest in your home, next you need to find out where they are coming from.

Examine your home properly to find out where these pests are thriving. You can find them anywhere from your blinds and curtains to wallpapering and furniture. If you have pets at home, check them as well. While cleaning your house, you could come across live bed bugs or their eggs/eggshells.

DIY Bed Bug Control

Once you have identified what type of bugs they are, you can try out some Do-It-Yourself tips to drive them away. Firstly, make sure that the bed bug infestation doesn’t spread. If you noticed the bugs only in one room, ensure that if anything goes out of the room, it is treated with non-toxic products. If the bugs have taken over a piece of furniture or any other item, isolate the item.

Once you are assured that only those items are infested, next you need to kill the bugs. Some non-chemical methods you can try are heat and cold treatments. You can either leave large items in the sun and smaller ones in the freezer. Though it is advisable to contact pest control when you deal with pesticides, you can buy pesticides easily in local stores. Just ensure to follow the instructions mentioned on the label carefully.

If bed bugs have bitten your pets, take them to a vet for regular check-ups and use only pet-safe products for their well-being.

Call Pest Control

DIY doesn’t help every time. You could have really stubborn bed bugs that simply refuse to go away. In such cases, the best option would be to contact a reliable pest control company. Since you want experts to get rid of bed bugs specifically, you can look for experts in your location. For instance, say you are from Seattle, then you need to look for bed bug control Seattle specialists locally.

These experts will identify the problem and find a solution based on the type of infestation. The bed bug control program can be anything from using non-toxic solutions to kill the bugs to treating infested areas with high quality solutions.

Check Your Belongings After Travelling To A New Place

One of the ways bed bugs get access to your home is from your luggage. For those who travel frequently, check your luggage properly while unpacking. Yes, you could be jet-lagged, but isn’t it worth taking the pain to check your belongings thoroughly than living with these pests until you have to call pest control?

Also, if you have moved to a new city and have taken all your belongings from your previous home, bed bugs could’ve lived and thrived in the folds of your upholstered sofas or within the container/carrier. Always check for bugs while unpacking, so that you can take preventative measures before it spreads.

Clean Your Home Regularly

Even though this goes without saying, not everyone has the time to clean their home thoroughly. Cleaning doesn’t just mean dusting, vacuuming, jet washing, and cleaning bathrooms, you need to ensure that every nook and cranny of your home is cleaned at least every 3 months, especially if your home is an abode to bed bugs and other pests.

There are many spring cleaning companies that offer meticulous cleaning services at affordable rates. Check with your family/friends or online to find a reputable cleaning company you can rely on. When your home is cleaned regularly, you are creating a safe, bed-bug free environment for your family.

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