How to say thank you for a birthday gift

Happy birthday to you! Pat yourself on your back for you have successfully completed another beautiful year in your life. All those people who remembered to give you gifts on your birthday spent their time and effort to pick something that would make you feel special.

Whatever be the gift you had received, it is a gesture that shows you that they care about you and wanted to make your day memorable. So, thanking them the right way would be the best thing you can do. Are you thinking about how to say thank you for birthday gift?

Here is One Mistake to Avoid When Thanking People for Their Gifts

Remember that everyone deserves a ‘thank you’ note. One big mistake that most people make when it comes to sending out ‘thank you’ notes would be leaving out close family members and best friends on the list.

You might think that your relationship is beyond the stage of formally expressing your gratitude, but sending out a ‘thank you’ note would be a sure-shot way to warm their heart.

You can also use the ‘thank you’ note as an opportunity to let them know that you really loved their gift. Everyone loves to know whether the receiver liked the gift. So, the first step to writing ‘thank you’ notes would be to make a list of all the people who gave you the gift and find the best gifts on that provides best advice.

How to Say ‘Thank You’ – You Have Three Options

Saying a ‘thank you’ when you receive the gift is different and sending a gratitude note is different. You can send express your gratitude in 3 different ways. Pick one that best suits your situation.

  • Pick a Thank You card. This is a place where you can add a personal touch. For a best friend or for a sibling you can pick some quirky cards which convey the message with subtle humor. Make sure that you include a lovely handwritten note inside the card. We’ll get to what to write in the card in the next step.
  • Another option is to pick a return gift. Return gifts do not always have to be expensive. A chocolate hamper, a flower basket, personalized keychains, the choices are plenty when it comes to picking return gifts. These are particularly useful when you feel that you have received an expensive gift from someone. Include your handwritten ‘thank you’ note along with the return gift.
  • If your gift-giver stays far away, sending an email or a text message would be the option sometimes. If you do have the option to ship the return gift on time then you are in luck. But a detailed email or text message that tells the person how happy you are with the gift they had presented, would be a good way to express your ‘thank you’.

What to Write

Gone are the days when people wrote letters to each other. So, if you find that part of your brain a little rusty and if you feel stuck not knowing how to frame your ‘thank you’ note here are a few things to remember –

  • Start the note by addressing the person with the name or relationship. A warm formal header is the way to go.
  • Thank the person, mentioning the gift they had given. This shows that it is not a generic ‘thank you’ note template that you are sending out to everyone.
  • Add a line or two about what you liked in the gift or even why you consider it useful. This lets them know that you enjoyed the gift and that would be something they would love to hear after spending time and money on picking something for you.
  • Add a line mentioning or enquiring about their life as you normally would in a personal letter.
  • Thank the person again and close the note.

Consider Who It Is For

Writing the note becomes easier when you consider your relationship with the gift-giver. You can keep a formal tone and also keep it brief if it is for a friend from work or a family member who is not so close.

However, for a close family member or a best friend, or even when it comes to thanking your partner, it is alright to get into the details. The more you talk about the gift, the more would it show how much you liked the gift.

Remember To Mention the Little Details

People love to hear about the details. It is these bits of information that show them that you value their gift. Perhaps the gift was in your favourite color. Or perhaps the person remembered your allergies and food choices while picking something like a cookie hamper.

The gift could have been something that you can use to pursue your long-forgotten hobby. Mentioning such details that reiterate the relevance of the gift to you would make the gift-giver happy knowing that their effort did not go waste. And as the receiver of the gift, talking about the nuances of the gift would make you love the gift a little more.

Do Not Delay ‘Thank You’ Notes

Another important aspect to remember is to send out the ‘thank you’ note without delay. Sending it after a week would make no sense. Take some time out to notice what gift each person had given and add a warm note of gratitude for each one.

Gratitude is one of the most powerful driving forces for happiness. Writing a ‘thank you’ note can make you as happy as you were when you received the gift. If you cannot believe it, sit down and write a ‘thank you’ note to that someone who recently surprised you with a gift.

You would be surprised at how happy the person is to receive the note and how happy you feel about giving it. It completes the excitement in receiving gifts. Now that you know how to say ‘thank you’ for birthday gifts you can easily express your gratitude to all the lovely people in your life for all the love they shower on your birthday.

Written by Monella

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