How to Save Money and Still get the Beauty Products you Need.

To keep up with the latest beauty trends it’s expensive. From £40 on a foundation that your not too sure about, to eyeshadow pallets that are £60. The growing beauty industry is making it harder for us to keep up with financially. So instead of getting into debt, selling your siblings or missing out, we thought we’d let you into some of the best ways to get more makeup for less.

  • Dupes. The hottest eyeshadow pallets can cost a fortune, and if their not easily accessible then you’ll be paying even more for shipping. Loads of drugstore and indie brands create their own versions of the iconic pallets but for a fraction of the cost. A great way to find out the best and most affordable dupes is to check Pintrest. Just search the high end pallet you had your eye on, and voilla. You’ll have the hottest and most on trend look, for less.
  • Become a tester. There are a load of companies out there who are literally being paid to send people products to review. They can be anything from products that are fresh out, are yet to come out or even cult classics. It’s a great way to build up your beauty products for free, and also find out about products you didn’t even know about. A great one is Bzz Agent, just this week we’ve been sent a hamper of brand new skin care products from Nivea. Also, Drugstore giants Boots have a review pannel too, and sometimes they even pay you in instore vouchers.
  • YouTubers. So, not all YouTubers use high end makeup. A load of them like our fav’s SophDoesNails, MannyMUA and CarmiMUA are suckers for products on the cheap. Unless they state in their video that the video is sponsored, they are not paid for their opinion, they just simply love the low cost products.
  • Shop around. So many people settle on buying their favourite foundation from the same store, but offers change so fast. You could find your favourite foundation cheaper or with a free product in a store a few doors down. It’s always worth checking online. Also, a lot of the time you could find items cheaper on online retailers like FeelUnique. So check there too!
  • Beauty Boxes- An amazing way to save money but still get amazing products and even high end ones is by getting a subscription service. Cohorted Beauty and Latest In Beauty offer boxes for between £25 and £40 but the products inside can be worth up to £100 more then the price of the box. And the boxes get delivered to your door, so you don’t need to brace the elements.
  • Points Cards- So many high street stores offer points cards, so you spend a certain amount, get a certain amount of points, and each point is worth so much. Saving up your points can lead to massive savings, or even your beauty shop for free. But also, alot of the time the store cards have rewards too, so an additional 20% off one week, free products for no reason, or double points because its your birthday.
  • High End doesn’t always mean best. So many products on the drug store are actually better quality then similar ones high end. Check reviews out before you buy. You could get a mascara for £6 thats better quality then one £24.
  • Sales- Every store at some point has a sale. Whetherits a January sale, some products are being repackaged or they are no longer going to be stocked. This means crazy savings for you. Last week Zoella’s £50 advent calender was on sale for 50p. These savings can be that huge.

We hope this handy guide will be able to help you make the most of your money when it comes to beauty. We also bring you reviews, dupe alerts and the best products on the high street, so follow us on Twitter so you can stay updated and save more.

Written by Niki


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