Removing hair from your legs.

How to Remove Hair: 8 Hair Removal Methods

The process of removing unwanted hair is not only a very ancient one but is a sign of convergent trait evolution. Cultures in history that have never had any sort of contact with each other have been known to remove hair, and quite often they remove it from the same places. This suggests that there are forms of hairlessness that we instinctively find attractive. So, if you do not want to walk around looking like a Yeti in a shower drain, here are eight of the most popular hair removal methods.



The American Medical Association deemed this method of hair removal safe for most parts of the body. Perhaps you shouldn’t have your eyelashes removed with electrolysis, but otherwise, if you want hair removing from your body, then this method may be for you.

Laser hair removal damages the hair roots so that the hairs never grow back again. Electrolysis does a similar thing, but it doesn’t leave the scar tissue that laser treatments do. The only downside is that it often takes several treatments before all the hair follicles are dead and the skin becomes permanently hairless.

Is Electrolysis hair removal permanent? If done correctly and over several treatments, then yes it is permanent. If it is done partially or poorly, then some of the hairs may grow back over time.


Laser Hair Removal

If you are looking for quick permanent hair reduction, then Laser Hair Removal Is one option you can consider. The process happens very quickly. The hairs are subjected to lasers, which damage the hair follicles so much that hair never grows back again.

This is especially good for people who have very light skin pigment, but who also have very dark hairs. When you have the hairs removed, the skin does feel different in the area. This is because it has been lightly scarred. Over the years, the scarring goes away and the skin feels normal.



Tired of shaving your legs in the bathroom?

Whether you are dry shaving or wet shaving, people have been using sharp objects to shave for hundreds of years. Modern methods of shaving are not overly sophisticated. There are electronic machines that do it for you or razors that are often to get a far closer shave than an electronic device.

Shaving causes a little bit of irritation, but it is most popular because it is very easy, very cheap, and relatively quick. It is by no means permanent, nor does it last very long, but the results after each shave are often very good.


Medications And Unwanted Hair

When it comes to medication, you cannot expect the sort of results you get with things like laser treatments and electrolysis. In most cases, medications and creams are made to either bleach hair so it cannot be as easily seen, or it makes hair more brittle so that it falls out over time.

The medication Spironolactone works to reduce hair growth and facial hair, but it only works in certain areas. In other areas, it may cause skin irritation. As for head hair, it doesn’t do very much at all because the area is too greasy for the medication to have any effect.

Cream Vaniqa Works by starving hair follicles so that they grow less prominently. If you are the sort of person who has trouble shaving, perhaps because of ingrown hairs, then this sort of medication may help. It is also handy for people who want their bikini line to appear a little less prominent.


Plucking Hair

The process of plucking is often reserved for people who wish to have a few hairs removed. People are best known for plucking eyebrows and/or facial hair. It is the sort of thing that can be done at home, though many people go to salons to have it done.

Having it done at a salon is often best for places like the eyebrows where poor quality plucking may cause embarrassment. Plucking is not permanent, but it lasts far longer than shaving because new hairs have to form and regrow.



Most modern Depilatory Creams are able to penetrate the skin by weakening the hairs just below the skin. The most common hair removal cream will take a few hours to work. It is absorbed and weakens the hair so that it breaks and falls off, or so that the root withers and creates a very weak hair that may fall out.

The success rate of depilatories is a little hit and miss because it doesn’t always get every hair. However, the hair takes longer to grow back than if you had a shave, but it doesn’t last as long, nor is it as effective as plucking. Yet, for areas like on the toes or upper lip, depilatories are preferable because they are not as painful as plucking. 



The most common wax depilatories and waxing methods include the use of hot wax. It is applied to the skin where it cools and hardens around the hair. Strips are attached to the hot wax. The wax also attaches to the strips. Since the wax is more heavily bonded with the strips rather than with the skin, you can pull the strips and the wax (and hairs) come off with it.

This is a rather painful method of hair removal but is also very effective because it tears up the hairs by the roots. It is similar to plucking but on a much larger scale. It is a relatively fast method for removing hair but is painful and causes irritation for the first few days. However, it lasts longer than shaving and produces very desirable results when used in places like the legs and bikini line.



Sugaring is one option worth considering.

This method works in a similar way to hot wax hair removal. However, a sugaring paste is applied to the skin. After sugaring hair, the sugar binds with the hairs, but not so much with the skin. Strips are attached, and just like waxing, the strips are pulled off. The hair and sugar are pulled away with the strip, but the skin is left mostly unharmed.

Sugaring causes less skin irritation than waxing in most cases, and it requires less skill to do. However, it is not as effective as wax hair removal. However, if the process was done correctly, your hair follicles are pulled out and it takes a while for new hair follicles to grow to replace the hair that was pulled out.

Written by Monella

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