How to reduce pool maintenance costs?

We all want that nice, warm collection of water in a cool shade of our backyard where we can relax either during the day or at night after a long day. Owing a pool, as much as it is a novel idea, comes with some running costs which might just erode the delight in owing one. Poll owners are always on the look out for ways by which they can reduce the cost of maintaining the pools in their homes. Well, here are some ways by which you can reduce your pool maintenance costs either through some simple steps which you can employ like robotic pool cleaner reviews, which would help you as a pool owner on your way to saving money.

Pool chemicals at night as opposed to daytime.

Chlorine is besmirched by ultraviolet light so when you use it during the day, you would need to use a whole lot more than when you use it at night. During the day sunlight destroys chlorine in your pool if this is in addition to a low stabilizer levels, only a few hours of sunlight is needed totally remove every trace of chlorine in your pool. This leaves you with a better option of putting in your pool chemicals at night which ensures that every foreigner object introduced into the water during the day can be eliminated plus you save more money by using less chemicals.

Run your filters at night too

Once the chemicals go into your pool at night, you would have to run your filters. Well, this is cost effective as we know that the cost of electricity most times, reduces at of peak periods. Take advantage of this by running you pool maintenance at night.

Invest in a good pool cover 

This is one of the surest ways by which pool maintenance costs can be reduced or cut by as much as 50%. It is one of the simplest, quickest and also effective way of reducing your pool maintenance cost. What a pool cover does is, reduce your water cost during the months of the year when it is hottest, most pool lose their water to evaporation. This water has to be topped off and it would cost you money. Pool covers are known to reduce evaporation by as much as 95%. Pool covers cut chemical costs, exposure to sunlight destroys chlorine so a pool cover preserves the chlorine in your pool, so it lasts longer. It also cuts your cleaning costs by ensuring that debris, leaves, dirt do not find their way into your pool because if they do, this is extra cost for you towards having the pool cleaned and running your filter. But, if a pool cover is in place this is prevented. Pool covers also help reduce the cost of heating your pool. If you heat your pool, evaporation can lead to loss of heat but if the pool is covered, this isn’t much of an issue.

Situate your pool away from leafy plants and trees

As much as we would want our pools under a shade for time when the sun would be high in the sky, there is the disadvantage of shedding of leaves. When these plants or trees shed their leaves, most would make their way into your pool and the cost of keeping your pool clean would increase. Cut off any limbs or branches that stretch over the pool if you have any.

Make sure a wind break is installed

Evaporation can be caused by high winds or even gentle winds which blow across your pool and this would in turn reduce your water level. Even with a pool cover over your pool to prevent this by protecting the visible surface of your pool, you would still need like hedge fencing, landscaping to be assured that your pool is protected.

Run the heating of your pool at times when you need to use it only

Cut your electricity cost to the barest minimum by ensuring the power you use to heat up your pool is only when the pool will be used. If your pool is used only during the weekends, make sure you lower the thermostat on your heater, or you heat pump at all times during the week so as to avoid wasting energy heating up a pool you would not use. This ensures that the cost of power is reduced by a significant amount.

Keep close watch on your pool’s chemical balance

Prevention they say is better than cure. It is far cheaper to prevent algae from growing in your pool by maintaining the chemical balance than it is to have it eradicated from your pool once it has taken hold. It would cost you more money to have it removed and the pool thoroughly cleaned to ensure there is not outbreak of algae again.

Be as minimalist as possible 

There is the temptation to use more chemicals, use more heat, clean the pool more often than you should, all in a bid to make it look real good. Well, ignore these temptations as they translate to higher costs for you. Reduce your cost of pool maintenance by running costs at the barest minimum.

Make sure your filter is cleaner regularly

When you filter is clogged this means your pool pump has to work even harder which in turns translates to using more power. When debris and leaves fill your pump’s strainer also, the filter has to work even harder. So, ensure that both filter and strainer are cleaned regularly so they work with less consumption of power than they have to.

Keeping your pool maintained at a low cost is possible as there are different tactics which a pool owner can employ to achieve this. Even if you use a pool cleaning service, these above mentioned tips are ways by which you can help yourself and your household budget by reducing the cost of maintaining that pool you love.

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