How to Prevent Chafing with Underwear (3 most effective tips)

A different underwear style could appeal to you indefinitely. But if you experience chafing, it could be a real mess. Luckily there are plenty of measures you can take to prevent chafing. The reason chafing is so dragging and bothersome is that it’s often left untreated.

The only two contributing factors to chafing with underwear is moisture and friction. That’s why most people complain of chafing when they’re working out so they’re hot and moist.

But chafing with underwear can also happen when you’re not in the gym. It happens when you wear thick denim, when it’s too hot out, or when you’re walking. Walking is one of the most common causes of chafing. As you thighs rub against each other.

Does this mean you need to take longer strides to avoid the rubbing of the thighs? Well, why don’t we try something less uncomfortable first? It’s how to prevent chafing with underwear.

How to Prevent Chafing with Underwear

1. Wearing moisture-wicking underwear

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You can’t avoid chafing if your underwear is the culprit itself. This means looking for a natural, dry, and comfortable pair of underwear. Looking for underwear to prevent chafing isn’t as simple as you think.

You want something that keeps your crotch and inner thighs dry. Not something that attracts more sweat as the hours go by. And you’re left feeling damp and swampy down there.

Underwear to prevent chafing is supportive and functional. They often come with tags like “moisture-wicking” or “sweat-wicking” or “anti-odor technology.” Also, they’re often made of polyester as they get rid of excess moisture and sweat. This keeps your skin clean and bacteria-free.

I recommend you to wear boxer-briefs with sweat-wicking and anti-odor technology. They’re super helpful, natural, and keep you snug as a bug in a rug.

2. Using talcum powder

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Good talcum powder is the best and quickest way to prevent chafing. It’s a widely-used measure that absorbs sweat without leaving damp spots behind. Most importantly, talcum powder is safe and good for sensitive skin. Lots of people use it on their underarms and near the thighs.

When you’re using talcum powder for the first time, add less and deliberately. So that when it dries out, it doesn’t make a white paste.

The best time to use talcum powder is when you’re wearing pants. There are plenty of alternatives to talcum powder such as anti-chafing cream or even oil. If you’re wearing shorts, using a cream or oil is more suitable. Talcum powder generally spreads very quickly and it might get seen through the shorts.

Look for roll-creams or balms to prevent anti-chafing. You only have to apply a little to the skin. Such creams are without parabens or alcohol so they do not age or wrinkle the skin. Think of it as a natural, irritation-free chapstick but that the nether regions.

You must apply the anti-chafing cream at all times. Before leaving the house, going to the gym, and getting ready for bed.

3. Choosing your materials wisely

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Last but definitely not least – your gym clothes! What you wear to the gym can significantly impact how horribly you chafe. There are lots of performance trunks lined up for you. Some are tight-fitting while some are slightly loose. Whatever suits your style and comfort level best.

What’s better than wearing comfortable and breathable underwear? If it’s supportive and perhaps even shaping, you can swap them out for damp and wrinkly underwear right now.

Final Thoughts

It’s a simple thing, really. You have to eliminate the very thing that causes chafing. And that is sweat and friction. Sweating is healthy, natural and keeps your body cool. But you can stop friction and how your skin reacts to moisture.

With the help of underwear that prevents chafing, you’re just about there. And these tips help you find one in no time.

There are lots of factors that cause sweating. Heat, nervousness, anxiety, exercise, spicy food, etc. The trick is to find a better way to know how to prevent chafing with underwear. So even if you’re enthusiastic about working out every day, don’t let chafing get in your way.

Look for underwear that offers moisture-wicking and anti-odor technology. Forget the tighty-whities that do nothing but create a swamp crotch and give you a horrible itch!

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Kathy Harvey is the founder of Undywears, a blog slowly gaining momentum among men who care about the underwear choices they make. The way to a hygienic, healthy crotch has no shortcuts she believes. So all her articles consist of science-backed research and expert recommendations that many men find very reliable given the sparsity of underwear-related topics discussed online.

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