How to Pick the Right Portable Fridge for Your Next Camping Trip

Adding a camping fridge to your checklist of camping gear isn’t a bad idea after all. For my daughter, stocking up the camping fridge is the most exciting part of the camping preparation. With the perfect camping fridge, you do not have to worry about the stress of dealing with coolers and dirty melting ice. However, there are some vital thing to look out for when shopping for the perfect camping fridge. I am about to let you know them.

What fridge capacity do I really need?

It is essential you know the size of your family or friends, this way you can tell the number of items your ideal camping fridge should contain. If you do not consider the capacity of the refrigerator and go blind shopping, you might end up with a massive piece too large to move around and too much for the users or, a fridge too small and insufficient to accommodate enough space for the items that might be needed for the camping. It is also important to note that a small camping refrigerator will consume lesser power and keep food colder than the larger counterpart. Ensure there is enough room in the camping vehicle to accommodate whichever one you eventually choose.

Check for its power consumption

For whichever fridge you intend to go to, check the power consumption rate. Ask the retailer questions such as, how much power does the fridge/ freezer consume? Although it is possible to find camping fridges that run from the grids using the mains power. The good news is, most camping fridges run 12v DC usually using the car battery as the power source. You need to be cautious. However, most car batteries run down very quickly, we don’t want you having a cold fridge and a flat battery right.

Is there a need for an additional power source?

Yes, sometimes there is a need for an additional power source, so when making a checklist for the right camping fridge to buy, remember to add this too. For instance, if the camping fridge is going to run 12V DC, you should carefully consider options other than running it from your cars starter battery. A good choice is to install a second battery to complement the other battery. Once this is done, it does not only provides you with a deeper reservoir of amperage, which can be used not only to power your fridge but to power other non-vehicle electronics such as a laptop. You can purchase battery kits such as an auxiliary switch, to ensure the electronics run only on the extra battery, thus leaving the main battery fully charged and able to run the vehicle.

How sure am I it’s a quality fridge?

When you ask questions such as this, then you are surely on the right path. Before you go camping-fridge shopping, be sure to do thorough research on the quality of the product you have in mind. These portable appliances usually come with an all sort of factory problem, and these faults may set in when you are already settled at the camp. Many of the easy bargain camping fridges are of low quality hence you need to be careful what you purchase. To aid you to make better choices, I can recommend products such as ARB and Engel, I am confident, you would not regret it. Some of the best models currently available are listed at this page.

Other notable features to look out for in the fridge include;

  • Temperature settings and operation
  • A removable lid
  • A thermometer to help check the exact temperature within the fridge.

Now, I hope you can confidently pick out the right fridge for that next camping.

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