How to organise the ultimate girls’ night in

With the summer drawing to a close and school and university opening its doors for another year, you may be wondering how best to spend your evenings – and make sure you’re still having fun with your friends. There are lots of ways that you can hang out, whether you go to the cinema, have a girly shopping afternoon or treat yourself to a fancy meal, but one of the best is organising the ultimate girls’ night in. Below, we’ve put together the Fuzzable how-to guide!

Decide who you’re going to invite

The first thing that you need to think about is who you are going to invite. The chances are that you have a lot of friends from school and college who could come to your girls’ night in, but if you invite too many, then it’ll become less of a relaxing night with your besties, and more of a party. Aim to invite between three to five guests – anymore, and you won’t have a good time. Once you’ve decided, send out some invitations, whether you do it on Instagram or IRL, and give them at least a weeks’ notice so that they can plan and get time off of work to come.

Think about some movies

No girls’ night in would be complete without a couple of movies – but deciding on what to watch when you have a group of friends with differing interests can be tough. You might love to watch horror movies, for example, but your best friend might prefer rom coms. Compromise, and if you have got time, then perhaps consider watching a couple of movies back-to-back to suit everyone’s tastes. Even if you’re not the biggest rom com fan, you’ll be able to sit comfortably through Bridget Jones’s Baby, knowing that you can watch your favourite gory film afterwards!

If you want to be really organised, then you could consider planning your movies in advance, and setting up a joint Netflix account. That way, you’ll all be able to add your favourite movies to a watch list, and then work through them one by one. If you prefer, you could binge on a TV box set, like Friends or Orange is the New Black. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

Buy some pampering accessories

If you want to truly unwind on your girls’ night in, then make sure you splash out on pampering accessories. Korean face masks are a huge trend at the moment, so consider buying one or two of those to try out, as well as some other bits and pieces like headbands, cucumbers to keep your eyes looking fresh, and some creams. Shop around and perhaps ask each of your guests to bring their favourite beauty product – that way, you’ll all be able to try each other’s stuff, and you won’t spend a fortune in the process. If you really want your girls’ night in to go off with a bang, then you could even hire a masseuse or book yourself in for a spa session before you go home – or even hire a hot tub for your back garden when you can gossip and sip champagne!

Stock up on food and drink

It’d be hard to imagine a girls’ night in without some delicious snacks and treats. Of course, depending on your tastes and the time of your girls’ night in, you might want to consider cooking a meal for your friends. You could cook steaks and make homemade chips, or if you’re not feeling up to cooking, then you could get a takeaway from your favourite restaurant. Nothing beats a night in with a pizza and your besties. If you’re not planning to meet until later in the evening, then rather than preparing a meal, you should consider buying some snacks, like crisps, chocolates, marshmallows, sandwiches and sweets. Again, you could ask your friends to bring their own snacks so that you can all share and enjoy each others’ food without spending too much money, or you could go to the supermarket together beforehand to stock up on faves.

Treat yourself to new pyjamas

A girls’ night in is all about relaxing and unwinding, so if you’re sat in your uniform or jeans, you might not be doing it right. One way to truly have fun is to treat yourself to a new pair of pyjamas that you can wear with your friends. If you do, you’ll be able to snuggle up on the couch with a blanket and watch your favourite TV show or movie. If you’re feeling super cute, you could buy matching pyjamas for your friends, which will make for a great selfie at the end of the night!

Choose a weekend

You might be tempted to organise a get together during the week when you’re on campus or in the same classes, but the best idea is to wait until the weekend. It means that you’ll be able to have a late night with your friends and have a sleep in the next morning. Whether you’re 18 or 32, you’ll no doubt stay up too late chatting and having fun, and so if you’ve got work or uni the next day, you might be less tempted to unwind and have fun. Find a Friday or Saturday night where all of your friends are free and without prior work commitments, and make the most of it!

Wrapping up

Organising a girls’ night in might sound like a stressful task, but if everyone gets involved and contributes their own food, ideas and entertainment, you’ll be sure to create a night that goes off without a hitch. As fun as it is to go out for drinks and watch the latest movies at the cinema, there is something uniquely special about inviting your best friends over to your house to have fun and gossip until your heart’s content, so don’t put it off. Whatever you’re planning, have fun!

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