How to Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breasts? (The Most Useful Tips)

You can’t measure sagging breasts the same way you do perky breasts. The appearance of sagging breasts also affects size and shape. This alters the size of a bra tremendously. So if you were 34D before sagging, chances are you’re not anymore.

So what’s next? You need to know how to measure bra size for sagging breasts. It’s simple, really. You need a proper understanding of the bra’s band and cup size.

It goes something like this.

How to Measure Bra Size for Sagging Breasts

1. Breast Shape

The shape of your breasts has to be more than just “sagging.” All breasts have a definite shape and size. Large sagging breasts need a bra for large sagging breasts. This is not the same size for women with small, petite sagging breasts.

So make sure you pay attention to how your breasts look. By looking into a full-length mirror (front and sideways) you’d get the proper estimate.

Some women with sagging breasts need a bigger cup size. While some women need a smaller cup size. So it’s all a matter of personal preference rather than a universal one.

This brings me to the next important point.

2. Band Size

Your band size is below the bust, it’s at the base of your bust. For sagging breasts, the best and easiest thing to do is add 2 inches more. If this doesn’t feel comfortable, slide a finger or two underneath your bra’s band.

If there’s room of about an inch or so, it’s too big. The cup size can stay the same, however, you may need a smaller band.

If there’s no room at all, and the band feels too tight, do the opposite. You can move up a band size.

For some women, a bigger bra is also the cause of breast sagging. In that case, if your bra is too big, do this. Reduce your band size, increase your cup size. This provides exceptional support for women with saggy breasts.

What does this mean in numbers? For the average bra size, you can adjust every 2-3 inches of the band size. If the bra you’re wearing or want to wear has a more elastic material, you can stick to 1-2 inches.

3. Bra Fit

Are you wearing the wrong bra? This is how you can tell you’re wearing the right bra. Especially for sagging breasts, this is very important. If your bra doesn’t meet even a single criterion, you need a better bra.

The Band

A bra’s band accounts for 80% of the bra’s overall support. So it should wrap around your under bust region comfortably. No gaps, folds, or irritation. If the band is fitting snugly from the front but rises from the back. Well, that’s a problem too.

A good red flag is if you’re constantly tugging at your bra’s straps for more support. Either to life the bra up or pull it down. This often happens if the bra’s band is too big.

The Cups

Second, there should be no gaping or bulging from anywhere. This includes the underbust, sides, or top. You have only two breasts, not three or four. Boob bulging often does this. It looks like you have four breasts, two on top of them, or at the side of the others.

The solution is to adjust your cup size. If there’s squeezing or irritation, go up a cup size. If your bra has too many hollow spaces, go down a cup size.

The Straps

The bra’s straps could fit wrong in many ways. The straps could be digging into your shoulders. They could be falling off your shoulders as you bend down. They don’t feel supportive enough to keep your breasts lifted.

You need adjustable straps to solve all these issues. You can easily tighten or loosen the straps for narrow shoulders. And the straps stay up rather than digging in or sliding off your shoulders.


Most women could never go back to wearing ill-fitted bras after this. It’s the best guide to measuring bra size for sagging breasts. It has everything you need to avoid making a fuss. And for a bra to fit you as snugly and effectively as you’ve always dreamed of.

If you feel your breasts are starting to sag, you don’t need to shed bitter tears. A good proper-fitting bra will keep your breasts lifted and firm. You can avoid squeezing, boob sweat, and chest tightness. Get the support you need right away.

About the Author:

You can consider Angela Douglas, the founder of What Wear Fit, as a bra expert. And why wouldn’t anyone when she has spent so many years working as a marketing professional for some of the best lingerie brands. Her blog is all about top recommendations and the most effective solutions to the most common breast and bra-related problems.

Written by Monella

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