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How to Master Makeup for Men If You Suck at Makeup

If you thought makeup for men was just a fad that went viral overnight, just go on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of men makeup tutorials still trending.

The men’s beauty industry is growing at an astronomical rate, and it’s only expected to boom in the next decade.

Some statistics are predicting grooming sales to reach over $29 billion by 2024, and that’s only counting sales within the U.S.

As more men become more comfortable with flaunting highlighted cheekbones and glossy lips, you’re probably itching to get on the trend yourself.

The only problem is, you might not be as gifted as these popular makeup gurus so you’ve given up altogether.

First, it’s important to remember that makeup for men is still new territory for everyone, even for men’s makeup stores like Differio.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to follow solid rules for creating looks. Makeup is designed to boost your self-confidence, which is why a lot of men (and women) end up applying makeup the best way it works for their own face. In reality, there’s no such thing as being “bad” at makeup.

You just need practice, practice and practice, and, in time, you’ll find what works for your own unique features.

We’ve provided a short men’s makeup guide for what every beginner needs to create basic looks. You’ll be hashtagging “glow up” in no time.

What are the basic men’s makeup products that I need?

Generally, masculine makeup for men hits 5 basic areas on your face: skin, eyes, facial hair (eyebrows/beard), cheeks and lips. For each area, we’ve listed the most generic men’s makeup products you’ll need to get you started.

  • Skin: a foundation for men or tinted face moisturizer for men (also known as BB cream or CC cream), concealer for men
  • Eyes: eyeliner for men (also known as guyliner), mascara (also known as manscara), eyelash curler
  • Facial hair (eyebrows/beard): beard and eyebrow pencil
  • Cheeks: blush
  • Lips: lipstick for men or tinted lip balm

Additionally, don’t forget to buy makeup remover for your face and eyes (soap won’t remove waterproof makeup).

Where can I shop for makeup for men?

You’ve probably already hit up your local pharmacy to look for makeup for men, only to realize it’s non-existent. As popular as it is, it’s still not easy finding beauty stores that sell makeup specifically for men. The easiest way to stock up is by searching for men’s cosmetics online. Differio is one online menswear store that actually has a designated section called “men’s makeup.” It’s not just a generic makeup store that a lot of men happen to shop on. Their male makeup collection is usually up to date with various brands, and they even specify the best way to apply their products. Just a fair warning, they usually sell out fast so if there’s an item you want, you shouldn’t wait too long.

What are the best tips for applying men’s makeup?

Once you’re stocked with all the basic makeup-for-men products, there are some tips that’ll keep your makeup game strong.

1. Give yourself time to practice with new men’s cosmetics.

Did we mention already that practice makes perfect? We can’t stress this enough. If you’ve got an event to go to and you want to wear makeup for men, give yourself enough time to practice a few days ahead with different tools and looks. You can even give it a test run and wear the look out with some friends to see what reaction you get and how it’ll hold up in different weather conditions or room lighting.

2. Get familiar with makeup vocabulary.

As much as we don’t want to sound like your grade school teacher, it’s so important to get familiar with makeup terminology. How else are you going to follow those makeup-for-men tutorials, right? If you’re confused about a product, you can always Google the definition and watch basic tutorials on how to use it.

3. The general rule of thumb is: start light and build on top of it.

If you’ve ever taken an art class, you might be familiar with the principle of blending and creating colours. The same method is used for makeup for men. Makeup is just like painting, but instead of a canvas, you’re using your face. Even if a product seems sheer or doesn’t look highly pigmented, usually a little goes a long way. Plus, it’s easier to build an intense shade gradually than vice versa. If you apply too much from the start, you’ll have to remove the entire look and start from scratch.

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