How To Make Your Own Rosy Arrangements At Home

Have you ever noticed that a bunch of fresh flowers as soon as you enter the house brings a smile to your face? Of course it does! Fresh flowers simply bring more life to the place. They not only bring more color to the space but also give a fresh aroma which is a sweet treat to the eyes and the mind. More happily, it is one of the most affordable piece of decoration. One can simply get roses in a box from the shop or from the garden and add glam to your interior.

Making your own arrangements at home can be fun yet tricky. Here we shall guide you on how to have a unique arrangement for a fresh daily look or a special gathering at home. You can bring in your creativity and choice to the ensemble.

The Cheerful bunch

A bunch of fresh yellow roses set in a glass or a small center piece give a very bright and fresh feel to the table.

The Lucky seven

You do not necessarily need dozens of roses to make a great arrangement. In fact, an arrangement of seven roses in red or hot pink paired with grey pebbles in a vase look stunning.

The Elegant

A salmon-colored bunch of roses paired with black or silver feathers make an amazing bouquet for center table.

Roses and Herbs

You may cut short the stem of roses and pair them with lots of green herbs like parsley. This can be in the form of a small basket arrangement perfect for entrances and window panes.

The Simplest

In this arrangement you can have roses in a bowl without any long stems or leaves. The bunch can be clustered together and placed anywhere in the room or dining table.

The Magnificent bunch

Roses can always be bunched together in a number of colors of red, yellow, orange, pink and purple. All these colors give a cheerful feel to the place and make it perfect for a gathering or for some family member returning back home after a long time.

The Wild bunch

You can pair your roses with a lot of foliage to give your bunch a wild look. Subtle colors like light pink and white make an excellent bunch. This bunch looks like it has been taken straight from wild and put indoors to give a unique touch.

The Cherished bunch

There is sometimes in the house an old teapot of porcelain piece which has great memories of grand-mother or your parent’s childhood associated with it. You can always highlight such antiques by placing a freshly colored bunch of roses in it with lush green leaves. You can also use old bowls for fruit and place roses in the center or around the edges to give a great contrast.

Just one

You do not always need a big bouquet to draw attention. Almost always a single red rose with its wild stem can say it all. Nothing can draw more attention to a table or a corner than a single red rose in its full bloom. A red rose in a glass goblet is self-sufficient!

Mix and Match

You always have an option to pair your roses with other flowers. Simply pick a wild bunch from your collection in the garden and place it in a vase or a basket and you are there with a masterpiece. Roses look good with all types of flowers like tulips, orchids, carnations and peonies. The diversity surely is eye-catching and fragrant.

Apart from bunches in the vases or baskets, you can always have your arrangements in tiers, home-made wreaths and simple boxes. Just a little bit of effort can make your house look decorated with a perfect arrangement.

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