How to Make Your Company Ethical This Christmas

The Yuletide is fast approaching, and that can mean only one thing: we’re arriving at a time when consumer spending booms and where the companies who’ve sensibly set out their stalls can make huge profits over their competitors who are less well prepared for the rush of custom and the needs of consumers. What’s interesting about this Christmas, though, is the changing expectations of consumers towards the products they buy. No longer are we consuming on a mass scale without ethical concerns: in fact, consumer power is now directed at increasing the ethical behavior of companies – and those companies that adapt will win more customers. As such, here’s how to adapt your business.

Going Greener

Christmas may be the festive season of the colour red, but it’s the colour of holly and mistletoe that you should attempt to emulate as you take your company into a green and more eco-friendly future. With so many young consumers dreadfully concerned about the coming climate crisis, there’s a large sway in consumer spending towards those companies producing sustainable, long-life and well-maintained products. You need to jump on this bandwagon to harness this consumer wave – and here’s how you can do that:

  • Reduce your emissions as much as possible by installing solar panels and cutting energy use.
  • Recycling all of your wastage in your company, with the help of a baler machine and the wire baler equipment that’ll reduce your waste into tiny stacks.
  • Train all employees on how to be eco-friendly, and offer rewards for the best solutions to reduce your company’s carbon footprint.

Of course, it should go without saying that all these breakthroughs should be shared on social media and on your company website to show your green credentials.

Social Sophistication and Progressiveness

Nearly every business will have been aware of the kind of negative publicity that a thoughtless and poorly-executed PR and advertising campaign can generate for companies across the world. Whether the content is seen as aligning to antiquated gender roles, being anti-rights for disadvantaged groups, or simply deeply insensitive, it’s these kinds of mistakes that can cost companies in the run-up to Christmas. As a business, you should be looking to do the opposite: align yourself with progressive views, and involve yourself in these communities, in order to sell more products to those consumers who share your views.

Charity Work

One of the best ways to show that you care about the issue of our day – whether that’s in terms of climate, in terms of the social issues in the modern world, or in terms of other important causes – is to donate to, set-up, or support a charity. Your company is well positioned to do this, and may even be able to dedicate a set percentage of its profits to donate to charities chosen by staff each year. This creates a festive, feel-good cheer that you ought to share across your social media channels; after all, consumers love to buy products from companies they know are giving to charities.

These three tips can help you seize a portion of that all-important market this Christmas.

Written by Monella

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