How To Make 2017 Your Year

I’m sure I’m not the only one who says to themselves every January that it will be their year. But it never is. Something comes up, you lose track of yourself, but whatever the reason, it didn’t feel like ‘your’ year. But how can you make 2017 your year? Here at Fuzzable, we have put together our top five tips of how 2017 can be your year.

1. Have goals, aims, ambitions, things you want to achieve.

It’s pointless getting to June and suddenly realising that you have all these things you want to achieve before the end of the year. Take a notebook and write down everything you want to achieve in 2017. It can be really minor things or it can be bigger accomplishments. Whatever you want to achieve, you can do it. But preparation is key! Having a vision of what you are working towards can really help motivate you.

2. Try not to be so hard on yourself.

If you feel that you aren’t achieving what you wanted to, don’t be too disheartened. We all have days where we just want to stay in bed, covers pulled up and not doing anything. Believe me, these are the best days! Just remember that one bad day does not make you a failure. In fact, a bad week, a bad month – it doesn’t make you a failure in the slightest. You should always be working towards your dreams – it may take time but be sure to reward yourself! You finished that assignment early? Go celebrate, that is something to be proud of! Never be too hard on yourself, negativity does no good.

3. Let no one stand in your way of achieving what you want to in 2017.

People will always beat you down and try to make you believe that you won’t achieve what you have set out to. In my second year of doing my A Levels, I had to take 3 months off school for medical reasons. Safe to say, when I got back, I was seriously behind in all three subjects. I considered dropping out, I was incredibly tempted – I felt a lot of pressure and thought it would have been easier to quit. This wasn’t helped when a girl doing the exact same subjects as me told me I may as well quit and called me a failure. Well, that was the motivation I needed to prove her wrong! In the lead up to my exams, I was absolutely petrified but I needed to show myself and this girl that had called me a failure that I could succeed. Well, joke was on her on Results’ Day. Even though we had done exactly the same subjects, I achieved equal grades to her in two subjects and a higher grade in one subject. It was one of the best feelings in the world. Seeing the look on someone’s face when you have succeeded even though they called you a failure is an incredible feeling.

My point is, nothing is ever impossible. If you can believe it, then you can certainly achieve it. Work hard in 2017 and block out anyone who tells you that you can’t achieve what you have set out to do. Prove them wrong!

4. Work harder than you ever have before.

Nothing worth having comes easy. If you want to achieve something, don’t expect it to be handed to you. You have to work hard for it. Imagine how satisfied and pleased you will feel when you achieve what you wanted to. If you ever feel like you can’t achieve this, then picture yourself achieving this and that will hopefully be determination enough to keep going.

5. Never give up!

Don’t just assume that it won’t be your year. Positive thinking is essential if you want 2017 to be a success. A huge part of being a success is believing that you can actually be a success. You can do it, we believe in you!

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