How To Get Into The Fashion Industry Without Any Experience: Your Insider Guide

Do you dream of being a designer? Would you like to be a buyer for a major retail store? Here’s how to get into the fashion industry, even without experience.

If you’re passionate about fashion and the idea of joining the industry makes you feel jittery, you’re on the right path.

At this point, it’s reasonable to question the best way to get into fashion design. The good news is that this industry is unique because it offers many ways to climb up and land your dream job. The key is to know where the process is taking you.

Do you want to immerse yourself in the creation of fabrics, or do you want to coordinate fashion for the performing arts? The truth is that there’s more to the industry than just modeling and designing clothes.

So make sure you’re confident about the career you want to pursue. Other positions in the fashion world include public relations, fashion journalism, fashion marketing, and fashion buying. With this overview, you’re more than ready to plan your career leap. So keep reading to know how to get into the fashion industry!

How To Get Into the Fashion Industry

When it comes to a fashion job, it’s essential you keep in mind that you need to have the dedication and work hard for your dream. Where you might lack experience, you compensate it with willingness. Here’s where it’s the right time to talk about internships.

They’re competitive, so you need to prove yourself and show you have what it takes. Didn’t go to fashion school? Don’t fret about it. Show them what you’re all about by starting a blog.

Blogs Are the New Digital Portfolios

Blogs are the easiest way to showcase your talents and passions. Customize your webpage with original articles and photo galleries.

If you like to style models, ask friends to pose for you behind the camera and have fun with it! Keep an up to date content calendar and stay on top of the latest fashion trends and news.

Don’t forget that fashion is a business, and companies will be impressed with the level of organization and consistency you put in for your blog to succeed. Work on your blog with authenticity and notice how much you’ll stand out to potential internship recruiters.

And don’t forget to be present on social media. Update your LinkedIn profile and fill your Instagram or Facebook with your creations using hashtags.

Got The Internship? Work Hard

So let’s imagine that your hard work paid off and you are now an intern. If you want to keep climbing and not end up where you started, you need to take the internship as serious as a job.

The key is to use your internship as a gateway to a full-time paid position. All eyes are on you during this time, so stand out by being useful and show value to the people who have you the opportunity. Even free work pays off in the end.

Another way to get an entry-level fashion job is to develop and maintain a close relationship with the companies and people you interned for in the past.

Even you haven’t interned anywhere, keep a close-knit network of people whos work you admire. You never know if they could end up being your mentor or employer.

Other than connections, and internships, your own story can serve as a determining factor in your career. When you turn in a resumé, go the extra mile and write a cover letter where you say who you are as a person.

Industry veterans are known for hiring people with little experience but a great life story.

Don’t be afraid to Just Ask

Here’s a motivational tidbit for you: When you ask for something you have nothing to lose. Now, this isn’t about begging for an internship, let alone a job. You want to focus on making people out there know what you’re capable of in the fashion industry.

Write an email where you explain how you will benefit the company if they hire you. Express your admiration for the work they do and let them how much it would mean to you to hone your skills with them.

You have no idea who’s out there waiting for your email. So take the initiative and don’t hide your passion. And, if not hiding your love for fashion means starting a clothing line, do it!

Dream It, Sew It or Sketch It

If you were hesitant in reading this advice, don’t give up yet. Yes, starting a clothing line is tricky unless you have some in retail or e-commerce, but it’s not impossible.

All it takes is discipline and self-education. If you need the inspiration to help you get started, try to explore designs, patterns, and styles that you can recreate in your work.

Once you’re ready to sell your clothing items, you can take small steps by posting photos on your social media accounts. Like the advice of asking your friends to model for you, work with them, and encourage them to give you feedback about your work.

Word of mouth goes a long way when a friend loves the work you do and encourages you to follow your dreams. If you begin to measure success, jump into platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade, and Big Cartel.

The Big Career Jump

No one has the right answer of how to get into the fashion industry. A lot of people have followed through with the advice mentioned above, while other’s have been lucky to be offered a job straight out of fashion school.

Good news is that no strategy is considered standard, and this can encourage you to believe in yourself and show the world what you’re capable of doing in the exciting world of fashion. Liked what you read?

Go ahead and check out more of our services in our blog today and good luck with your career.

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