How to Find Quality, Authentic, and Legit Makeup

When it comes to looking good, you can never go wrong with putting on some makeup. Indeed, whether you’re at a party or working a full 8-hour shift, you need to be looking your best. For this, the choice of makeup is crucial to achieving the desired effect. Still, you will need to know if your makeup is of good quality, lest you’re wasting money on fakes.

Sure enough, it’s easy to make fake makeup now that people have several ways of manufacturing beauty products, and to market them as authentic. It’s still important for consumers to be vigilant as fake makeup can do more than just be a complete waste of money. On a more serious note, fake makeup can actually cause you harm, resulting in allergies and deformations that can ruin your face.

That being said, consumers will have to be very cautious when it comes to choosing the safest and most authentic beauty products on the market.

1. Know about the manufacturer

What does the packaging say? Does it contain information about the manufacturer? Of course, a good rule of thumb is to opt for beauty products from a well-known and trusted company. You may want to try new brands, but you need to research them first before you go out shopping for new lipstick or face powder. That being said, opt for a manufacturer you’re already familiar with.

2. Go to a shop that you know

Aside from the manufacturer, it’s also important to know if the vendor selling the makeup is also legitimate. For sure, there are vendors including department stores that sell bogus copies of famous brands. As a good rule of thumb, you should buy only from retailers who are authorized to sell the brand by the makeup company itself.

3. Don’t buy into marked down makeup

Big discounts on makeup may seem like they are heaven-sent, but really, there is a good chance that these products are not legitimate. For sure, retailers won’t mind marking down the prices for fake makeup. Unless it’s a sale, a good indicator of fake makeup is the hefty discounts retailers themselves decide on. If the prices are too good to be true, then you might have a good reason to move on.

4. Assess the packaging

There are fakes that have been meticulously manufactured almost to the point of being identical to the real thing. It can mislead you in a lot of ways, but with a keen eye, it becomes easier to spot a fake when you see one. For this, make sure to check the product’s packaging. Are there any misspelled words?  Does it show an indication where the product was made? Does it include information on the ingredients used in making the product?

5. Get it checked out

Still, the best way to know if the makeup you have is of good quality is to bring samples to a testing laboratory where it can be analyzed so you can figure out its actual chemical content. If you find chemicals that shouldn’t be included in the first place, then you might as well bring this up with the proper authorities.

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