How to Enjoy Your Time in Toowoomba, Australia

Toowoomba might not be on your radar in the past when thinking of what places to visit in Australia, but this should change now. Here are some great places to visit in this charming city and things worth doing here if you do decide to check it go. 

1.    Discover What Toowoomba Is All About

Before you start exploring the touristy spots or go on a food trip in Toowoomba, Australia (because you absolutely can!), it is a good idea to find out what this city is all about first. It’s not quaint, it’s not urban either. Instead, being Queensland’s largest inland city, it has a little of everything of Australia. 

If you want to know just how varied the attractions Toowoomba has to offer, you can first a trip down memory lane and discover the backbone of this burgeoning city. Visit the Woolshed at Jondarayan and take a self-guided tour. 

The woolshed offers its visitors a glimpse of over 150 years of history to Toowoomba’s tin and timber industry as well as both modern and colonial influences that shaped the city to what it is today. 

2.    Check out the Art Scene

After learning of the city’s history, you can surprise yourself just by how much the city changed by checking out its art scene. All you have to do is walk around Toowoomba’s Street Art Trail. 

You can see for yourself that it has now graffiti laneways that can rival those in the streets of Melbourne. 

The city block around Neil Street can positively transform anyone. One minute you feel like you are strolling down a normal CBD and then next, you can feel as if you are transported to an open and wide space art gallery. 

3.    Parks! Parks!

Toowoomba has no shortage of parks, gardens, or zoos. Visit a park fit for a queen -aptly named the Queens Park. It offers 26.3 hectares of green space will all sorts of flowers and trees to feast your eyes and nose on. 

You can have a relaxing afternoon at the Picnic Point Lookout. Throw a picnic rug under the many giant-sized trees here and just stare into the lush lawn that seems to stretch to infinity. 

Check out Darling Downs Zoo to see exotic animals from all over the world – Asia, Africa, and South America. You can even feed some lions and tigers and have fun with Meerkats. 

4.    Catch a Movie, because why not?

Even if you are in a new city, that does not mean you cannot catch a movie here and there. It will be so much nicer if you do it with a new person you just met in the city, of course. Go to Toowoomba Grand Central Movies, which shows both mainstream and independent movies. 

You can also catch some international opera shows and ballet if your interests lie there. It’s located conveniently in Grand Central Shipping Center.

5.    Eat, Of course. But the Toowoomba Way. 

Toowoomba is described as being in the middle of a food renaissance and if you can visit the city, why not find out what that means? Toowoomba’s food scene is not just about food – it has to be seen and tasted at the same time to be believed. 

From hidden restaurants to rooftop bars to graffiti-laden stalls and laneways, not only is your palate going to have an experience of a lifetime, your eyes and hearts will too. Is the cuisine available in Toowoomba are from all over the world too – Japanese, Korean, or Vietnamese? You crave it, they have it, usually with a twist. 

Restaurants with a heart are all over too! These are those establishments that truly believe in the go-green principle and only offers foods using ethically-sourced ingredients. 

Fresh is too mild of a term to describe Toowoomba, Australia. From the food to the air, everything can be enjoyed here with fresh eyes. You just have to experience it to know it. 

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