How to do the Grand Canyon in style

There are all kinds of different travellers out there in the world. If you’re not the kind that enjoys roughing it out in the wild then a trip to the Grand Canyon might not immediately seem like your first choice, it’s known for its camping, hiking and water sport but few people realize that it’s also an incredible spot to enjoy a luxury holiday.

If you’re wondering how to do a trip to the world famous Grand Canyon then read in below.

Party it up in Las Vegas and then enjoy aerial views of the park

If you want to enjoy a luxury trip to the Grand Canyon then there’s nothing quite like enjoying a night at the casino in Las Vegas before jetting off the following morning to enjoy a helicopter tour through the West Rim.

This makes the perfect day trip and can be done in around 4 hours as a round trip from the city lights of Las Vegas.

Get a shuttle from Las Vegas and then enjoy a scenic flight over the sights of the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon helicopter tour provides thrilling 360 degree views through the wrap around windows and informative explanations that can be delivered in multiple languages for overseas visitors.

After the sightseeing is done the pilot will stop off on the floor of the park for a relaxing champagne lunch at a picnic bunch under a traditional Native America Ramada.

At the end of the day sit back and enjoy your transfer back to your hotel.

Enjoy a glamping experience

Camping at the Grand Canyon is one of the best way to enjoy everything that the national park has to offer. The Grand Canyon comes alive under the night sky and campers flock to the park to enjoy the star gazing and wildlife spotting opportunities.

If you’re not the rough it type then consider glamping, you get all the benefits of camping without sacrificing any of the comforts. Enjoy luxury linens, kind size beds and tents with private decks and bathrooms.

Soak up some bubbles in a spa bath before enjoying the wilderness and the environment.

Ride first class on the railway

The Grand Canyon railway is an excellent way to see national park in comfort. With six classes on the train you’re guaranteed to have an excellent time, especially in first class.

This is an unforgettable way to enjoy sightseeing and will make you feel like you’ve stepped all the way back in time to over 100 years ago to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World through the eyes of the first visitors to the area.

You can expect to see the landscape change from desert to prairie and prairie to pine on your trip. There’s entertainment including musicians and cowboys along the way.

If you’re looking to stay then you can end your trip at the luxury hotel at the end of the line.

Stay at a 5-star hotel

There are many fantastic 5 star hotel options in the area, if camping isn’t you thing then make sure to check it out. Many of the hotels offer fantastic amenities including spas, pools and bars and views over the national park.

Many of the hotels and lodges around the Grand Canyon maintain a rustic charm and are an attractive stay option for visitors to the area that want to soak up some of the local culture and appreciate the Native American history.

The Grand Canyon can get cold at night so many of the hotels and lodges in the area offer comfortable, cozy rooms and common areas with charming fireplaces to keep warm by.

If you want a change from the glitz and glamour of the showy Las Vegas hotels and resorts, then come and stay in the relaxing, understated accommodations of the national park.

Relax at the spa after a day of hiking

A spa day after a long day of adventure activities is always called for. Whether you’ve been on a day long hike through the South Rim or been white water rafting along the Colorado River, you’ll certainly find that the national park isn’t short on physically demanding activities that will leave you sore at the end of the day.

Melt away the muscle aches and relax at the end of your trip by unwinding with a spa treatment. Get a massage to work away any tension or a soothing facial treatment to help your skin after long days in the summer heat, or even get a manicure so that you come away from your adventure in the wild looking polished and ready for civilisation.

A spa treatment is the ultimate way to cap off your trip to the national park, or to begin a trip and wash away any remnants of your time partying in Las Vegas.

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