How to choose the best fabric for summer heat

Staying perfectly cool on hot summer days is something every single one of us wants to enjoy. But let’s face it – as beautiful and relaxing blazing sunshine is, we quickly forget about its charm after getting drenched in sweat. To make sure that we are ready for intense heat waves, some wardrobe adjustments have to be made. Wearing constraining clothing can feel uncomfortable to the point that it poses a threat to your health. That that is why wearing something like a skirt or a dress is definitely the most comfortable and healthy way to go. But the most important choice we make is the fabric of our clothing. When the temperatures are high, keeping your body cool and dry is your number one priority. But how can we know which fabric to choose for our skirts and dresses? Here are a few choices you should definitely consider.


One of the most popular and beneficial fabrics to wear during summer is cotton. This well-known natural fabric is a great choice for a dress, since it has very light and breathable material. Wearing cotton is a great way to keep yourself cool, healthy and comfortable, but just when the heat reaches that intense, unbearable point, fabrics great ability to absorb the moisture can be a double-edged sword, making your clothing heavy and wet. In this case it is advised to choose darker colors to avoid unpleasant sweat stains. Cotton is cheap, comfortable and easily accessible, so getting a dress or two will be a great addition to your wardrobe.


Bamboo is one of those choices you can’t go wrong with, especially in the summertime. First of all, one of its greatest features is the impressive protection from the UV rays it provides, which is crucial for the health of our skin. Furthermore, bacteria have a real time surviving in this fabric, so you can wear it for an extended period of time without having to suffer the unpleasant smell. Dresses made from bamboo fibers are very absorbent, so if you choose to wear one, you’ll stay as cool as a cucumber. It may be a pretty uncommon fabric to find in a home, but with summer steadily approaching, it is definitely the choice you won’t regret.


Choosing linen for your summer wardrobe is probably the best choice you can make. Just as it is perfect for bedding to keep you cool at hot summer nights, women’s linen clothing is spectacular for a wide variety of reasons. Despite the fact that it is the world’s strongest fiber, linen has a very unique ability to quickly wick away the moisture it absorbs, keeping your skin cool, dry and healthy throughout the day. Wearing clothing of this material is widely recommended for people with sensitive skin. Linen offers the most unique linen dresses and skirts, which are perfect at emphasizing the natural, elegant womanly beauty. If properly taken care of, women’s linen clothing can last you for years, making it one of the best fabrics for summer heat.

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