How to choose the best eyelash extensions?

Beauty trends have made people choose beautiful long eyelashes because they obviously enhance the entire appearance of a person. Everyone seems to be loving this particular trend, and they want to follow it whenever they can. It is quite obvious that having some beautiful long lashes which are voluminous and curled in the right manner will be loved by everyone out there, especially women. Well, now getting eyelash extensions has become very easy, and there are numerous platforms that are offering such services to the best. 

However, finding the best way to get your lashes done is a tricky task because it is difficult and challenging at the same time to choose one out of many options. 

These steps will help you in understanding different aspects of choosing eyelash extensions and how to choose one depending upon your looks.

Things to consider while choosing eyelash extensions

In order to find eyelash extensions that are specifically made for you and your looks, there are certain things that you need to check out. These are:

Pick the right volume of eyelash extensions

We all know that we love to get eyelash extensions because they are voluminous and make our faces look much more beautiful. There are many lashes available that are highly curly and long, and such eyelashes will give you a much more voluminous look. However, the more the volume of eyelash extensions, the more they will weigh. So, in a way, you have to be careful while shooting the volume of it. Get a volume of eyelash extensions that you can easily carry and which will also look good on your face.

Choose the right length

The next thing that you need to take care of is the length of the eyelash extensions. Many people may love to have long eyelash extensions, but in reality, managing such long lengths is not so easy. Having very long eyelash extensions can also make it uncomfortable for you to wear them for a long time. Well, a standard length of extensions that you can get can vary up to 5 mm longer than your natural eyelashes. Wearing a good length of eyelash extension which is bigger than your natural lashes will be more comfortable for you.

Picking the right shape

Well, it is obvious that people have different shapes of eyes, and similarly, they will need different shapes of eyelash extensions. So before choosing an eyelash extension, make sure that you check out the shape of it, and it should fit with your eye shape.

Pick the right material

Eyelash extensions are made by using different materials that include silk, synthetic, Mink, and more. So, you need to decide which one of the materials will be best suited for you. This is so because the skin of people is different, and some are allergic to some materials. So before finalizing any eyelash extension, make sure that the material used in it is not causing any allergic reaction on your skin.


When selecting the best eyelash extension make sure you keep these things in mind to purchase a quality product that makes your overall look beautiful. Noble Lashes offers some great and quality eyelash Extensions, eyelashes, and more. 


Written by Monella

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