How to Choose Backcountry Ski Accessories

Revelling through the backcountry is probably the freest you’ll ever feel. Whether you’re skiing, snowboarding or adventuring through the terrain, chances are that with a few add-ons, your time out there will be even better. By locking down some key accessories, you’re going to keep yourself safe and fully functional under whatever conditions the day might throw at you. 

Choosing the right backcountry ski accessories is all about preparedness. By kitting yourself out with the right items, you’ll be avoiding a world of inconvenience and risk. So, you’ve got your basic skis, poles, gloves, goggles and boots – but what else do you need?


Finding backcountry or Alpine Touring (AT) binding will make your day a whole lot better. This breed of binding will enable you to move on and off your ski easily. You’ll be able to move uphill with a freer, more natural stride and when you’re moving downwards the bindings will lock in the heel, keeping you safe. Whether you opt for tech binding or frame-style AT is entirely up to your preferences. Tech are lightweight, but frame-style are heavier and better for downhill tracks – consider what kind of backcountry explorer you are and go from there. 


Your skins are going to allow you to travel uphill with ease. You really don’t want to be sliding back down a hill or mountain that you just put all your effort into scaling up. If you can, opt for skins that are made from a mohair/synthetic blend – these are nice quality and still have the grip you’ll need to stay secure and upright. 

Safety Measures 

As we all know, with the thrill of the backcountry comes a little bit of risk. Incase it comes down to a hairy situation, it’s really essential to bring along a few safety measures. A binding repair kit, a head light and some safety straps are your lifesavers in any emergencies. 

A beacon and a shovel will help you in the event of an avalanche or seriously heavy snowfall. Should anything go sideways, these are great to have on hand.  

The Necessities 

You’re going to be hard at work out in the boundless snow, so be safe and bring along water and food. Even if you’re just out for the morning, fuel is always essential. These supplies will be extra handy if you decide to stay out for the day, or if anything were to go wrong. Pack some lightweight energy bars to avoid overcrowding your ski pack and you’ll be good to go!

The Right Bag

You’ll absolutely need to get yourself the right bag. This is going to keep everything you’ll be bringing organised and handy whilst also making your adventure run smoother. Ski boot bags are a great option for backcountry adventures, pick up something waterproof and tough to keep everything you need protected out in the extreme weather. 

The backcountry is the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy all the excitement and adventure that snow sports have to offer, whilst also experiencing a bit of calm and solitude. Once you have your accessories you’re free to get out there and have fun! 

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