How to Blow Os and Other Really Cool and Easy Vape Tricks

Learn how to blow O’s in just a few steps. Plus, pick up a bunch of other cool and easy vape tricks to entertain yourself and impress others.

Vaping is more popular than ever. And one of the coolest things about using a vape is learning to blow O’s. But not everyone has mastered this awesome skill.

If you’ve been wanting to learn the ropes, you’ve come to the right place for answers. In this article we take a look at the tips you need to know to take your vaping game to the next level by teaching you how to blow O’s.

So keep reading to learn the secrets to some of the most popular vaping tricks on the planet.

Blowing the Perfect “O”

Vapers typically refer to smoke rings as O’s. To pull off this popular and simple trick, you’ll need to pull on your vape and inhale the smoke into your throat. Be sure to keep your tongue on the bottom of your mouth and form an “O” with your lips.

Now push some vapor out of your throat in a short pulsing rhythm like a controlled cough. That’s it! Easy enough, right?!

Keep in mind that the size of your “O” directly correlates to the size of the “O” you make with your lips. 

Double and Triple Rings

Now let’s take things to the next level. Once you’ve mastered the art of the “O”, it’s time to try something a little more complicated.

Blowing two or three rings at once really isn’t rocket science. It simply requires a bit more concentration and the desire to be truly awesome, but hey, maybe being awesome isn’t on your bucket list. That sounds lame, but whatever.

To achieve double and triple rings, you’ll again need to pull some vape into your throat. But you’ll need to place a finger over your mouth, then press and pull down slightly on the top lip. This should split the opening of your mouth into two sections. Now exhale the vape as before.

When performed correctly, this will produce two rings for the price of one. To achieve the elusive three rings, simply use two fingers to press and pull on your upper lip instead of one. We also suggest opening your mouth as wide as possible for best results.

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The Dragon

As a bonus, we’ll now teach you how to do the dragon. This is a rather impressive-looking trick that’s actually super easy to pull off.

Simply take a long drag on your vape without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of vapor, hold it there. Now exhale forcefully through both your mouth and nose, but be sure to keep the center of your mouth closed. 

When done right, you’ll look like a terrifying beast straight out of Game of Thrones.

Simple Tips for How to Blow O’s

Learning how to blow O’s is easier than you might have imagined. The key is to always have fun. This is a trick that’s been around for years and looks like you need special skills to pull it off. But it’s actually super easy. And the more you practice, the stronger your O game will become.

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