How To Behave at Your First Rave

Too many people get the wrong idea about the rave and believe the celebration is all about drinking getting wasted and hammered, making sexual advances and collapsing in semi-consciousness in an unpleasant bathroom by the side of some barn or cave. But, this is not the case.

That is nothing like what a rave should be. For this reason we have chosen to write the following blog post to provide a guide for first time ravers and even those who are experienced but may be forgetting the point of these exciting adventures. Read on to learn more about having the time of your life in a fantastic rave.

Learn the Lingo

There are some terms and phrases that everyone should be familiar with:

P.L.U.R. – stands for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, which are the main values that you should strive to uphold at any rave.

Randi – the term given to multi-colored beads used as bracelets, necklace and other body adornments. These are traded or given ad gifts by other ravers.

Rage – this means nothing but dancing your heart out – like there’s no tomorrow!

Molly – Have you seen Molly? This is not a person, molly is the term for a drug – MDMA– which enhances the sights, sounds and experiences of the rave party.

Avoid Getting Too High Or Too Drunk

Believe it or not, it is perfectly possible for you to fully enjoy your raving experience without becoming trashed or drugged out of your mind. This is a notion about raves that needs to be changed. Indeed drinking and the influence of drugs are a solid part of rave culture but this is not an invitation to success. You can enjoy what you as much as you like and never feel pressured into doing or taking more than you feel is suitable.

Furthermore, you will want to keep your alcohol and drug consumption to an easily manageable level. Always remember that the rave will eventually come to an end and it will be tim to return to your home. How exactly do you plan on getting from this potentially obscure location back to your home without your mental faculty intact? Obviously, driving is out of the question, but if you are slammed drunk or high as a kite, you may be the passenger sidelined for other not-so-messed-up passengers.

Give Up Staring At Your Phone

In case you hadn’t noticed there is a lot of stuff happening at your rave that is a lot more interesting than anything happening on your phone. So take some time to fully immerse yourself in the fun and glamor that is the spectacle of lights. So forget the special selfies and social media updates, this is a time for fun.

Dance Hard!

If you go to raves for all the right reasons, you will not be disappointed by the great music and the opportunity to dance like there is no one else around. It doesn’t matter if you are a great dancer or a terrible dancer. The important thing is to feel the music and keep moving like there is no tomorrow. Don’t worry this is not a competition, just a chance to have some fun.

Dance to your favorite tunes and collapse fully into the present moment. Forget all about your regular worries and troubles and let the music take control of your limbs, mind and heart. Hey look, you’re dancing!

Pack Your Rave Bag!

You will need some essentials on this trip! Don’t head out without plenty of water, some cash, your phone, a glow stick, LED toys, all the Randi you can collect and anything else you may need. Make sure you place all this in a handy rave bag that will not encumber you with more trouble. Finally don’t choose a fashionable bag, it needs to be something discrete. You will also want to consider the need to get up and boogie, you want something small and compact that doesn’t interfere with your fun night.

Written by Monella

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