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How Striped Towels Can Enhance the Beauty of Your Bathroom

What is the first thing you do when you wake up? Oh, yes. That mandatory visit to the bathroom to freshen up! Who wouldn’t want to add a little color and boost up their morning mood with striped bath towels?

Moreover, those little stripes add a dash of color to the entire place and lights it up. Not only do they add to the aesthetic beauty of the bathroom, but the features they have make it a necessary item for your bath.

We tested the top-rated striped towels for bathrooms and our pick is multi use towels in the Islands Collection of Luzia. Following are 5 ways in which you can use Luzia’s striped towels to elevate your mood and enhance the beauty of your bathroom. Seems a little far-fetched, does it? Read on to know more about these towels!

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Say Goodbye to Towel Shreds

Sometimes, the towels make so much mess by shredding everywhere. These high quality multi use striped towels are not only aesthetically beautiful, but never shred. Yes, by adding these to your bath, you can say goodbye to the mess the towel threads make.

Moreover, hanging them in the middle of the bath will give a spark of color and texture to your bath.

Save Space

Luzia’s striped bathroom towels have been designed in such a way that when you fold them, they take up less space. Touched a nerve, haven’t I? Certainly, I am aware that the biggest problem is to fit things in a bathroom. But, with these striped towels, you can easily roll them up or fold them and put them in the basket to save space.


Sure, they are perfect beach towels. The design and colors will look excellent on the beach. But, that is not what it is. These striped towels can be used as pool towels, bath towels, and exercise towels and for other things also. The reason is that they are super absorbent, dry quickly in any weather condition and are made with high quality materials.

Irritable Skin Is a Thing of the Past

Additionally, these towels are so soft on the skin that you feel you are using cotton. Moreover, they don’t lose this quality even after the first initial washes. Best of all, they tend to get softer with every wash. So, for people with irritable skin and sensitive skin, it is going to be a very good purchase.

Mediterranean Look

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Only looking at these beautiful striped towels gives me a sense of joy and calm. They have a combination of narrow and wide Cabana stripes set against a pure white background.

Yes, I am still talking about the towels! Seems like the scenery of a beach, doesn’t it? Who wouldn’t want to walk into a bathroom which has one of these towels? They give very positive vibes and a very welcoming feeling.

Hence, it can’t go without saying that striped towels are an excellent addition to your bathroom. Not only do they enhance the aesthetic beauty of the bath, but are practical and functional also.

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