How Social Media Changed Our IRL Behavior

The way we express ourselves online is changing. In the good old days, we talked with our friends Face to Face (we still do this, but infrequently), today we send a message, chat via video. Our emotions diluted to nothing like “liking,” Facebook has added new options to react to your friends’ funny posts, to relationship change … Now you can ‘Love’, ‘Haha’ and ‘Sad’ your way through your roll in the morning. But how will our behavior change on Facebook or has it already changed ?!

Someone has posted a status on how he is dealing with trauma. Before you could give such a support and do not worry too much about it – this is the only option, what else can you do? But now – do you like it? Does this sound insensitive? Are you sad? It’s sad that they had a hard time, but now you’re glad they’re feeling better.

If you have posted? Your ultimate meme has found 23 likes. Haha. Is not it funny how you thought it was? Are they just Hahas?

Instead of wasting time worrying about new things. Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media has already changed our behavior.

Imagine or Happened

How many times have you been to a concert, festival, presentation at school etc and realised that all you can see in front of you is a sea of cameras in the air? Or did you reach the end of one night and figured you spent more time watching the stage through the screen of your cell phone than with your eyes? What someone is really doing is trying to get the perfect picture for Instagram so that everyone can see the fantastic time they are having. What’s the point of doing cool stuff if no one knows how cool and fun you are, huh? Ten years ago, we could have taken photos for posterity on our little digital cameras, but it was more for the collage on the wall of our room than for the benefit of anyone else.

The Lols language

We spent more time typing, we spent more time working on how to speed it up. In addition to today’s young people accidentally developing the skills to scrutinize their typists, Internet people have also developed a widely accepted dictionary of acronyms that have slowly become appropriate language. This has been growing since the days of MSN. We certainly stroll through ‘LOL’ and ‘selfie’ and ‘GIF’ with carefree carelessness. Without social media this simply does not seem likely.

How we communicate

Do you remember the good old days we called people on the phone? You would have to disconnect soon because if not your credits would end. And then obviously just call back because you know how to play the system and put it in man. The man from the telephone company. Social media has given us so many new ways to contact people that the old classics have been pushed down the list. Now the phone calls are reserved for the nearest and most precious crisis situation or some kind of intense crisis, in which typing the argument that you are calling to discuss would take a lot of time and you need a second opinion NOW. People who order food to travel used to have to talk to a person on the phone and read the huge list of Chinese dishes they order on a Sunday night. How embarrassing. Thank goodness for just eating. Your phone does not know that the large number of plus signs you’re clicking on equals equally large amounts of noodles.

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