How Often Should You Replace Your Corolla Brake Pads?

It’s tough telling how often to change brake pads on most cars, because everyone wears their brakes differently. What you can do is keep a close eye on them, inspecting them every few oil changes. If you do it approximately once a year or every four oil changes, you’ll keep yourself informed about how the brakes are wearing, so you can more easily tell when they need to be replaced. Most manufacturers, Toyota included, have a similar recommendation in their owners’ manuals, and the window between inspections tends to be between 15,000 and 21,000 miles, depending on the manufacturer. If your brakes seem to wear a lot between inspections, doing them more frequently is a great idea and it will make sure you don’t wear them out before you see they need to be replaced.

When Your Brake Pads Wear Thin

If you take your Corolla to be inspected during oil changes, your technician will be able to make a recommendation about the pads, so you can get a second opinion about whether you are close enough to wear them out that it’s a good idea to make the change. If you’re inspecting the pads yourself, you need to know the factors to account for when making the call about the brakes.

  • How much have they worn since the last inspection?
  • How far from the recommended safe minimum are you?
  • How long since the pads were replaced?

Master mechanics recommend replacing your pads with new ones when they wear below 6.4 mm, as this is the way to best minimize damage to the rest of the brake system. If your budget doesn’t allow for replacement at that point, it’s still safe to run those brakes as long as the pad is thicker than 3.2 mm, you just run the risk of needing calliper or rotor replacements sooner. Below 3.2 mm, it’s no longer safe to use those brakes, and you run the risk of wearing through the pad and grinding the rotor.

Choosing Your Next Brake Pad

The best Toyota Corolla brake pads are the ones that fit your budget, but you might find a great way to get more out of your next set if you pay attention to the deals available on performance parts. Performance pads are built to exceed the manufacturer’s original specifications, delivering a better experience than the original equipment the car came with. That’s often because they are designed with materials or specifications that were unavailable or too expensive for the car’s price point originally. If you find your brake pads are wearing thin quickly, it’s a good idea to shop online for replacements sooner than later. Make the experience easier on yourself by shopping where you can use a VIN lookup free to find the perfect pads to fit your Corolla. That way, there’s no guesswork to your order, just a chance to stock up on the brake pads you will need for your next round of vehicle maintenance. Corollas are known for their long lifespans, so take care of yours and see where it takes you.

Written by Monella

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