How Much Does Web Design and Digital Marketing Matter to a Legal Firm’s Official Website?

When you are a lawyer defending clients in front of the judge and jury, it is easy to consider web design a secondary aspect for your firm’s success. After all, the reputation and success rate is what your client base primarily depends upon.

While there is no flaw in that logic, there is a question that might make you think twice about the importance of your firm’s web design and digital marketing efforts – how will people outside the limited circle of your client base get to know your reputation and success?

There is a Reason Why Digital Marketing Works for Everyone

Perhaps your firm is an established name locally with a steady client base to rely on, but how will you grow without further exposure? And, what if some of your main clients leave?

It doesn’t matter if other firms are better or worse than yours – if they have created a bigger presence on the internet with proper digital marketing strategies, they will be seen as superior in the eye of new potential clients.

Proper Web Design is Your Firm’s Digital Office

A website for any business is its virtual representation to the world, and just like the office of the firm creates a good impression on the client even before they have met their lawyer/attorney, the look, feel and theme of the firm’s website creates the most important impression on the digital client base.

Consider a scenario where someone decides to look the firm up on Google after hearing about it from a client that the firm had successfully defended before. If the client comes across a barebones website that looks like it was created a decade ago and never updated since, it is quite likely that they will Google their requirements again and check out a few of your competitors.

Once they leave your site, chances are that the client will choose the firm with the most professional looking website, and it would make sense too. The entire legal business is about being judgmental, so you can’t really blame your potential clients for acting in the same way! It’s how the human brain works, as we are highly visual beings and prefer order, aesthetics and symmetry over nearly everything else.

How Should You Approach Improving Your Firm’s Digital Presence?

A legal firm needs a comprehensive service like Just Legal Marketing that works exclusively in promoting legal businesses. This gives them the unique understanding of how the legal business works, to create, improve, promote and maintain every aspect of a firm’s digital presence seamlessly, with discernible ROI.

A lot of businesses make the mistake of hiring different professionals for handling different aspects of creating or improving their digital presence. However, this often creates a lack of seamless integration between the various processes involved.

Web design is an important aspect, but so is SEO, the marketing content, the branding messages and everything else involved in improving the digital presence of any business. The more seamless all these processes are with one another, the better.

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