How Important is the FTP Server for Website Owners?

FTP or File Transfer Protocol is a system that’s used for transmitting data between a client and a server. It’s been around since 1971 and has been refined and developed for forty years. All of a website’s data and files are stored on a server, and FTP allows you to have access to that information. All changes and occurrences on your site are stored on the server, so accessing it is really essential for any and all website owners.

What does FTP let me do?

With FTP’s access, you can do a whole array of useful functions, adjustments and reviews. Here are just a few benefits to accessing a server:

You can install plugins and themes directly onto your webpage.

These can also be deactivated when you don’t have access to WordPress.

Instead of uploading content files one at a time, you can process them in bulk, which is a huge time saver.

FTP enables you to fix any errors both on your site or on the server.

You will find that FTP is the standard for accessing servers, so it’s a great skill and system to invest in. This will benefit you now and way into the future, making FTP absolutely worthwhile.

The definition of FTP’s function, a connection between a client and a server, leaves a question – what is a client?

A client is a program that enables you to make a straight connection with a server. One of the most popular FTP clients is FileZilla. This is largely used due to its ease of use, and because it’s free. The FileZilla Server is an open-source client is recommended by WordPress, so you can trust that it’ll be a wise investment. 

How important is FTP? 

Essentially, FTP is very important when it comes to building your own website and uploading your files to directories. A reputable FTP client is going to make transferring your files incredibly safe. You will also be able to feel confident when transferring a large or bulk quantity of files, they’ll remain secure and move quickly.   

The basic benefits of FTP’s functions are:

Login: Of course, as with any sort of computing system or software, you have to log in. For FTP, you have to use your server address and a password. This protects anything stored on your server and will allow you to transfer your files safely. 

Server Logs: With FTP, the client will keep a record of everything that is downloaded, uploaded or transferred through it. The server log is where you’ll find a detailed history of the server and client communication, which comes in very handy in the long run. 

Transfer Modes: You have the option between two different transfer modes with FTP. These are ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange) and Binary. You can choose which mode to use depending on the file’s content, although Binary is the default mode of transfer. 

FTP is a relevant and incredibly useful system for website owners, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. 

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