Hottest Products From Indie Brands Who You Haven’t Heard Of Yet.

The beauty industry is a multi-billion pound industry. There are so many giant companies who create some of the most incredible products ever. However, there is a secret world us beauty junkies are slowly discovering, and that is the realm of indie and smaller cosmetic companies. These companies may not be in every drugstore, but their products are so beautiful and unique, they deserve to be in art galleries. We’ve created a love it list, so you can see what just a small selection of these smaller companies products that you need in your beauty kits ASAP. 

Lunatick CosmeticsLaurie Lip Die – $12.99

Lunatick Cosmetics are an American based indie brand who bring supernatural beauty. We have done a review on the brand here. This liquid lip is possibly the greatest liquid lipstick ever. One swipe gives you the most comfortable long lasting and highly intense pigment.

Blush Tribe – The Hasina Eyeshadow Pallet – £24.99

Blush Tribe are a brand who knows how to bring color to the world. We’ve been crushing over everything they post on Instagram, and other beauty fanatics can’t get enough of this pallet. Bold is beautiful, and this color story is certainly the belle of the ball.

JYY Cosmetics Paradise  Liquid Highlighter £20

Our ultimate girl crush Stephanie Davies is one of JYY’s ambassadors, and she swears by the brands of high-quality products. If it’s good enough for the stunning Hollyoaks actress then it’s good enough for us. This highlighter is made of fairytale dreams.

Love Luxe Beauty Set N Spray – $15

We’d never heard of Love Luxe Beauty before until we were scrolling through our Instagram and one of our favorite smaller influencers was raving about the brand and in particular this spray. The mist is super fine, and it holds your makeup better than brands who charge double the price. We’ve added it straight to our lust list!

Bombshell Cosmetics Bee Sweet Highlighter Pallet – $39.99 (Preorder)

In a world of beauty, be the sweetest you can bee. Bombshell gives us life with their stunning packaging and these highlighters are STUNNING. There are multiple shades for every skin tone, and frankly, this is the cutest pallet ever. Possibly the cutest Indie brand EVER.

Mix and Blend Cosmetics  In The Mix Pallet – £10.99

What more could you ever need in an eye pallet? Neutrals shimmer glitters, warm and cool tones. This is possibly the prettiest thing we’ve ever seen, and it’s added straight onto our payday shopping list!


Beauty CropLovable Nudes Lipstick Set- £19

Why have just one stunning nude, when you can have 4? Beauty Crop has some of the cutest packagings around, along with amazing prices. We’re sold.

Labelle Makeup – So Lush Eyeshadow Pallet – £9.99

Just look at this eye-shadow pallet. Labelle so many products that all make the world a more beautiful place, but this pallet took our breath away. We’ll be purchasing it real soon, and probably going to need a display cabinet so it can be the focal point of our whole home.


Jcat Cosmetics Pro-Cision Micro Brow Pencil $5.99

Jcat is building a reputation for affordable high-quality products, and after a browse, we can see why. This brow pencil is going to give precision more fine and detailed then micro blading. Bookmark their store!


Lick and Lash Starlight Pallet – £19.99


If your looking for one pallet has everything you could ever need and more, then Lick and Lash well and truly have you covered. So many beauty bloggers have fallen in love with this indie brand and we can see why!


We hope this guide has helped you see some of the sensational brands that are around that you may not have heard of yet. We apologize in advance if your bank account cries shortly after reading this piece.

Make sure you tweet us @Fuzzable to let us know if you would like us to review any of these products or brands ASAP.


Written by Niki

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