What to do when your hot water goes off

It’s happened to the best of us. We wake up, ready to start our day, jump into the shower and… the hot water isn’t working. Cue screams and terror. How the hell will you be able to head to college or work without feeling clean and fresh? What are you going to do about your hair?

Well, try not to panic. Below, we’ve put together four things that you need to do when your hot water goes off.

1. Call for help

Whether you’re in a rush to get off to work or you’re spending the day at home, make sure you call out for help as soon as possible. It might be that your neighbourhood is suffering from a power outage, or you might need the assistance of a boiler expert to come and look at your home. The sooner you call for assistance, the more likely your water is to be fixed on the same day. Nobody wants to live without hot water for a week!

2. Assess the damage

Some people can get away without washing their hair for a day or two, but for most of us, we wouldn’t dream of leaving our homes before we had a shower to freshen up. Head to the mirror and assess the damage. Can you get away without showering? Can a course of dry shampoo rescue your locks and help you get through the day? Bring out every deodorant, body stray and fragrance you can find.

Accept that today might just be your bad hair day

3. Visit a friend or family member

If you really can’t wait for the boiler man to turn up, consider calling into a friend or family member’s home and using their bathroom. Just remember to pack all of your essentials; shampoo, body wash, clean clothes, a toothbrush and a brush to keep your hair in order. Oh, and you’ll need somewhere to put your dirty clothes (or pyjamas), too!

4. Take it old school

Just because you don’t have hot running water, that doesn’t mean you can’t wash and stay clean. Use your kettle and pour hot water into a sink and take it old school. With a damp flannel and some patience, you’ll be able to freshen up and get through the day without feeling too ‘ugh’.

5. Have a cold shower

If you could survive the ice bucket challenge, you can certainly survive a cold shower. Be brave and have a quick shower with the water that you do have. One tip is to apply body wash and some shampoo before you turn on the cold water tap to stay warm for as long as possible.

It’s never fun when your hot water goes off, but these tips should help you get through the day without too much of a disruption. Good luck!

Written by J

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