Get ready for some Hogwarts – magic in your makeup bag by Boots!

Listen up, Potterheads!!

There are exciting news coming your way!!

We get the chance to show our love for J.K. Rowling’s books and the movies on a daily bases very, very soon!!

Boots made it and will give us a whole range of cosmetics, bath, body care and accessories, all based all around the universe of our favorite wizard!

Did you take the opportunity to let yourself sort into one of the Hogwarts houses?
If you did or not…If you love Hufflepuff, but your favorite color is Slytherin-green…Don’t you worry! There’s a great solution coming your way!
You will get the opportunity to get your make up bag touched up by some of the most beautiful pieces Harry Potter- themed, just the way you like it.

If it’s a makeup bag with the Gryffindor- lion or a bath fizzer with the Ravenclaw emblem on it.
If you need new makeup brushes…You are for once in charge to choose them, as they are all in the shape of magical wands. Never forget the saying that grew onto us from book one! ‘Swish and Flick!’
And if you want to experience some proper magic, give the color changing lipsticks a go, which, of course, are first of all red, green, yellow and blue. Just so they can do their work on your lips!
Boots gonna have it all!!

If you want to share your love for the books and movies all brave and out there, or if you just go for the makeup- pallets because they are just a handy little bunch of nice colors, you will bring a very special little touch into your daily routine.

Slytherin Bath Fizzer – Each £5.00

Hogwarts House Hand Cream – Each Set £10.00

Harry Potter – Colour Changing Lipsticks – Each Set £10.00

So, get your parchment and quill… Sorry, pen and paper out and start your wish list for Christmas, which will make every Potterhead around you very happy!

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Written by Vanessa

I love writing, music, especially concerts and books!
In my spare time you will find me at my favourite bookstore checking on all the new releases, at a coffee shop reading or writing my own little bits and pieces. In that time, I mostly listen to my favourite songs by McFly, 5 Seconds Of Summer, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Green Day, The Rolling Stones or the Beatles.
And I LOVE to wear something with stripes and polka dots!

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