Heavenly Gift Ideas For Your Devout Family & Friends

If you have some more religious folks on your seasonal gift list, it can be a challenge to know what to buy. If you are not exactly religious, trying to buy an appropriate gift for a person of faith can be tough. It can be hard to know what is appropriate, and the last thing that you want is to be unintentionally offensive.

For those that are devout, a thoughtful gift of their faith can be a lovely gesture. Even if you don’t share the same views, a religious gift can be a wonderful way to say that you support and love your family or friend despite your differences. Whether they are Christian, Jewish or Muslim there are lots of gift options to choose from.

A delicate piece of religious jewelry or The Works of Saint Augustine may be the perfect gift for your loved one. An easy online search can help you find just the right thing for any person of faith. Check out specialty stores in your area that focus on religious gifts and items.

Books Of Worship

Most religions are based on the teachings of a book or series of writings. You could consider finding a decorative or personalized Bible or Torah to give as a gift. These cherished volumes are available in many styles and levels of grandeur and decoration. Even the simplest book of faith will show your friend or family that you support their views and beliefs with no judgement, even if they are different from your own. A book of worship can become a cherished item that can stay with your loved one for a lifetime.

Gratefulness Journal

It doesn’t matter what faith you follow, there are always teachings on the power of being grateful. From a specially designed gratefulness journal to a simple leather writing journal, the thought is right in the gift. Give the gift of self-reflection and encourage the practice of daily meditation on the things that we all should be grateful for. You may want to buy yourself one at the same time.

Scripture Art & Trinkets

It’s not hard to find beautiful religious themed wall art and trinkets that could make for the perfect gift. From paintings that quote scripture to candle sets with inspirational quotes, you can surely find the perfect item for your devout family member or friend. Religion is an extremely personal choice, so finding a gift that incorporates faith can be a lovely gesture.

One of the most common gifts given at special occasions is jewelry. For your devout friends and family, you can find just the right thing for anyone on your list. Blessed prayer beads, a gold or silver chain with a pendant such as a cross or a Star of David, or bracelets engraved with scripture are all excellent choices. Jewelry is often given as a gift following particular religious rites including First Communions and Bar Mitzvahs. You can find just the right item that will suit anyone no matter what their sex or age. A beautiful gift of jewelry can be worn for a lifetime.

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