HBD Min Yoongi: 5 Reasons Why We’ll Always Love You!

Born on this day in 1993…happy birthday Min Yoongi!

Since rising to popularity as one of the members of the global Korean boy group BTS, Min Yoongi, also known by fans as SUGA, has gone on to become one of Korea’s established musicians. Not only is he one of BTS’ talented rappers, but he is also a writer, producer, and composer of most of the group’s songs. At a young age, Min Yoongi has truly proven that he is a formidable force in both the Korean and international music scene.

Apart from being an incredible and talented musician, Yoongi is also humble and thoughtful, which adds to the reasons why BTS and ARMY love him. It’s been incredible to witness his growth throughout his career, and we’re extremely proud of his achievements.

In celebration of Yoongi’s special day, we’ve rounded up five of the many reasons why we’ll always love him!

His musical ability

Yoongi’s love for music is no secret, in fact, his dedication and musical talent goes all the way back to high school. He would stay up late to work on rapping, songwriting, and producing music. Yoongi also had a part-time job at a recording studio. He wasn’t paid for this part-time job, but he was allowed to make music. Through this dedication, he was able to better hone his musical ability.

Receiving critical acclaim for his involvement in the music industry, Yoongi has made it clear that he is a versatile musician. He spits fire whenever he raps on stage and produces music that makes listeners feel every bit of emotion he conveys. He is credited as one of BTS’ songwriters and producers. Yoongi achieved a super impressive feat when he was promoted to a full member of the Korea Music Copyright Association. He has a total of 127 credited songs, including songs from BTS albums and his collaborations with other artists. 

His rapping prowess

We have pointed out his love for music, but there has to be a special section for Yoongi’s rapping abilities. “I didn’t want to become a rapper, I wanted to become a composer. That’s why I joined the agency,” Suga narrated in the Rookie King Channel BTS show in 2013. Big Hit made the right choice in making Yoongi one of BTS’ rappers. He used to be an underground rapper under the name of Gloss. Yoongi also goes by the name of Agust D when producing solo material, already releasing two mixtapes.

His love for basketball

Outside of music, Yoongi is known for his athletic ability, particularly his love for basketball. He has always been good at playing the sport since his high school years. Back in school, he won several basketball games a few times. His position was usually shooting guard. In fact, his name SUGA is derived from the first syllables of this position.

Back when he was a trainee, Yoongi would play basketball every Sunday, a luxury he cannot do nowadays because of BTS’ packed schedule. During the 2015 Idol Star Athletic Championships (ISAC), Yoongi won a gold medal with his basketball team, the “Gangnam Lakers”. We love a man who can perform both on stage and in court!

He is vocal about mental health

Through his songs, Yoongi was able to express his stance and experiences on mental health. On “The Last,” he opened up about his experience with depression, OCD, and sociophobia during his adolescent years. Through the song’s lyrics, Yoongi says although he’s achieved his dream, the anxiety hasn’t gone away. But don’t worry, Yoongi seem to be much brighter and in a good place over the past years. He continues to advocate for mental health, saying in an interview that “I think artists or celebrities who have a voice should talk about these (mental health) problems and bring it up to the surface.” Here’s an open letter from a fan who shared their gratitude to the rapper for sharing his experiences.

He inspires BTS and ARMY to be better people

On the surface, people might see Yoongi as a shy, quiet, and nonchalant person. But once you get to know him, you’ll see the strong-willed and caring part of his personality, which is some of the reasons why BTS and ARMY love him. Yoongi pushes people to be better through his comforting music and words of wisdom.

Despite his vast popularity, Yoongi remains to be humble and genuine. He comes across as supportive to his co-members, colleagues, and fans, and shows concern during some occasions as well. Don’t let Yoongi’s badass and fiery rapping skills fool you, he’s an actual softie at heart. On his special day, Fuzzable wishes nothing but the best for Min Yoongi. We’re sure that he’ll achieve higher feats in the coming years.

Happy birthday, Min Yoongi! What do you love the most about Yoongi? Let us know on Twitter @Fuzzable.

Written by Euni

Hey all! I am Euni, a '97 liner from the Philippines. I love writing, reading, listening to music, and watching TV series! You can talk to me about BTS, Halsey, Of Monsters and Men, and activism any day! ;)

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