Have yourself a Merry Ecological Christmas

Christmas is coming fast, and whilst the world is preparing for the big day, the  amount of non recyclable wrapping paper on that one day is enough to cover the entire earth twice.

While we all want to enjoy the festivities and not change our traditions, Fuzzable have found 7 incredible ways we can all help reduce our emissions. So Santas footprint is the only one we notice, not our carbon.

1) DIY Wrapping Paper.
The majority of wrapping paper is unable to be recycled due to the material it is made from. Brown parcel paper however is able to be recycled. You can jazz it up with a bow or decorate it yourself. We’re personally using our 4 month old Fuzzababy and turning his painted hand prints into reindeer’s.

2) Make your own decorations.

We all love hanging wall decorations, foil garlands, foil snow flakes and loud baubles. The majority of Britan throw these items away after the holidays but again they can’t be recycled. So make your own! From paper chains and snow flakes like you made at school, to salt dough baubles.
Paper can be recycled and salt dough lasts a lot longer – just mix 500g of flour, 500g of table salt and 250ml of warm water together create your decs and then bake at 150 degrees for an hour and paint!

3) Gifting.
Its easy to purchase the latest kids toys which are mainly made from plastic, but not only do children forget about the toys within weeks, the plastic packaging and the toy itself is damaging the earth. So instead of buying your cousin a plastic toy look at wooden. The Wooden Toy Shop have some incredible toys for kids!
Also, brands like Lush do don’t use single use plastic – so what more of an excuse could you need to pop to your local store and indulge!

4) Crackers
Can anyone honestly say they’ve kept the plastic moustaches from Christmas crackers? No. There are a billion small gifts that your family will love more than the tat from a cracker, so why not make your own. You can include things like a lipgloss, pen, crayons or even a small rattle inside then decorate your crackers and you’ll be in your families good books for being so thoughtful. We love these crackers from Little Crafty Bugs.

5) Cards

We’ve all been sent 101 cards from aunties and uncles afar but usually we just bin them after they’ve made a nice decoration. Why not cut them and make them into a gift tag? It saves you money too.

6) Straws and cutlery.

We’ve all seen how the turtles are effected by single use straws in the ocean, but plastic cutlery is just as bad! Swap your plastic for metal and make someone else wash up.

7) Trees.

Our friends over at CelebMix have been investigating the Celebrities favourite Eco-Friendly Christmas tree company  Pines and Needles (here); – celeb style and superhero earth-saving. Brilliant.

Send us your photos if you create any of the above – tweet us @Fuzzable.

Written by Niki

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