Harris Reed

Harris Reed announces details of new book

Designer Harris Reed has announced details of his new book ‘Fluid: A Fashion Revolution’.

Set to be released this October via Abrams Books, the publication will explore the world of gender-drying fashion, and cover everything from “historical antecedents of fluidity and the analysis of old power structures”, to illustrations of Reed’s design process and photography of his work.

In a heartfelt Instagram post Harris spoke on his personal experiences, as well as societal issues and discussions which led him to creating the book, writing: “Over the past couple of days I have been thinking of exactly how I want to announce the release of my first ever book, ‘FLUID’. I have gone through so many childhood photos and reflected on memories, traumas, fears and life lessons over the years. Trying to figure out a way to express the importance of this book, not only as a pillar for my fluidity and fashion, but for everything that I am.”

“As I looked at this book full of images, I felt huge optimism for all of us queer kids to be seen, while reflecting back I was triggered by an ignorant intolerant comment on one of my Instagram posts, followed by the numerous news reports on further erosions of rights in the queer community, banning drag queens and discussions around gender in schools, and stigmatising anyone not in the societal box. It all clicked and made me realise so clearly WHY I GOT HALF NAKED, DRESSED AS A FLUID MERMAID AND WROTE A BOOK ABOUT EMBRACING ONESELF AND SPEAKING OUT ON BEING QUEER, and showing the importance of questioning the gender binary.”

“I give YOU my first book entitled FLUID, a book for the dreamers, the weirdos, and every kid who doesn’t feel that they fit in. Here is a bit of my journey. Thank you Josh Young for helping get this kids ADHD/dyslexic, and dyspraxic words onto the pages thank you @abramsbooks for taking on this kind of ‘fashion’ book.”

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‘Fluid: A Fashion Revolution’ by Harris Reed is available to pre-order now via Barnes and Noble, Waterstones and Amazon Books.

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